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The images that the media reveal of the Maduro regime in an anti-guo bastion of Venezuela

In the images of chavismo, the tomas are the protagonists

The Venezuelan city’s latest study studio has become enormous Edmundo González Urrutiacandidate unit for the Venezuelan opposition, a victoria that comes before the dictator Nicolas Maduro de cara a los comicios presidenciales del July 28obliges the regime to go to the commodidad del Palacio de Miraflores You will visit pueblos and antiguamente communities that identify with the ideal conditions of the “Bolivarian Revolution”.

If there is an embargo, the “líder del chavismo” can make the call to accompany the “great crowds”, or the following videos answer the call of the water failure, the electricity supply, the bolsas del CLAP (the supply of food that is offered by the regime with private products from the business community), and other healthcare questions that can be answered by Nicolas Maduro.

And the pass you should make is electoral como “Con hambre y sin empleo, con Maduro me resteo” that chavismo uses the most popular barriadas Venezuela to deepen populist and demagogic politics.

This martes, the dictatorship of the Caribbean, decides to visit the parroquia Guatire (in the north of the country) offers promotion for millions of apartments near this part of the country Gran Mision Vivienda VenezuelaThere are a number of social planes implemented by the regime.

The images of the Maduro reception in the old bastion of Miranda State are amplified by the regime’s propaganda apparatus, including Venezuelan television (VTV)the television channel is removed by the official and that is financially for all Venezuelan countries, that the dictatorship under the title “See Guatire”.

The regime’s propaganda apparatus has removed the Maduro law under the title “Se desbordó Guatire.”

In the official videos, the protagonists see as the core of the concentration a Maduro who offers assistance to the capó of his blind vehicle.

A pesar de las promesas de una big movement and the media media of the regime that offer an acogida masiva, the images and the presentation information of testimonies tell a different history.

A video recording by an azotea enthusiast of a building dealing with the propia dictatorship is appreciated a small group of seguidores monitors the fight against the “hijo de Chávez”.

Some groups of people who come together in the field of lugar mediation intend to consider most cases of apoyo and coreando as a favor of chavismo.

I have received the victory of the pueblo and the noble Guatire, with optimism and love, demostrando that the Revolución Bolivariana has hombres and conscientious consciences, that luchan para defender de Patria bonita en de Paz. Vamos rumbo a la gran victoria. ¡La esperanza está en la calle!’, the dictator caribeño expresses on his cuenta on the red social X.

¡La esperanza está en la calle!’, says the dictator caribeño

Reducing the contrast with the images of the crowds that only accompany Maduro’s visits domestically Venezuela in the pasado, reflect the cambio in the political and social climate of the country.

Un at least a minimum of 3.5 dollars per monthThe high price of alimony, the crisis in public services, the shortcomings in education, insecurity and other tantos contribute to the decline of your more official apologetics, and various analysts.

The non-existent presence of the house during the visit to Maduro and Guatire is a relation with the discontento generalization of his management, marcada by the hiperinflación, the corruption and the political repression that the opposition, encabezada by Maria Corina MachadoIt is a fact that politics is more credible and reliable in Venezuela, with 75.9% of victims, since Meganalis.

A recent multidisciplinary act Turén, Estado de Portuguesa, Maria Corina MachadoWhile the well-known personas come together in the calles, they contrast with Maduro in an area historically dominated by Chavismo.

“A creation has arisen that has not once let go… a much greater number of sorprendimos and logramos has produced a candidate candidate for the presidential elections, who Edmundo González Urrutia” Machado stated.

María Corina Machado gathered with old personas in the calles, marcando the contrast with Maduro in an area historically dominated by Chavismo

There are different local circumstances during your report PortugueseIt is worth posting a comment on various political organizations.

“A study has been made into the interests of the various political organizations that are valuable, and the mandate of the Primaria on October 22 is being supplemented,” he said.

The day of the seizure of power in Portuguese coincides with the presentation of the number of chavities, Diosdado Cabelloif you have no criticism of the candidacy González Urrutiathat is, a “choice of manipulation has been made by the American state” with intentions to fix Venezuelan problems.

“We have gained an insight into the differences between the different political organizations that are valuable, and fulfill the mandate of the Primaria on October 22, because this is so,” said María Corina Machado

Because the embargo of the Cabello indictment does not arouse the enthusiasm of those in power, the manifesto is a host of sabotage intentions for part of the official process.

Con phrases like “Vamos has the final“, “vamos para adelante“j”confiamos and ti”, our assistants to the manifesto of the convocation for the cambio in Venezuela and your reaction to the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia.

It is worth discovering a terreno of obstacles and tram pass, but you can go and become your fellow man”, sostuvo Machado

Because there is a good chance that the government will hold power, the Maduro regime arrests a number of political activists who participate in the concentration organization.

The identification data is identified Ambar Marquez, Victor Castilloj Oscar Castañeda.

Because there is a good chance that the Maduro regime will be arrested, political activists participating in the concentration organization are being arrested

These arbitrary judgments are being cataloged by a large part of political organizations, which is cataloged as abuse of graves against the civilian population and immediate relief from the consequences.

Según statements from Maria Oropezacoordinator the Vente Venezuela in the Portuguese country, Castillo fue trasladado a la sede del Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (Sebin) in Araure, and you will see the location of Márquez and Castañeda.

Participate in a campaign in favor of María Corina Machado

Castañeda, who recently migrated to Colombia from Venezuela, knows that they are not participating in María Corina Machado’s action around the world.

You are one of the Venezuelans who is a winegrower from Colombia (…) you trust María Corina Machado, and you know what you have done”, said Castañeda during a brief intervention in politics.