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“I think if we were more open about parenthood, people would feel better”

Lottie Ryan Photo: Brian McEvoy

Lottie Ryan has been open about the highs and lows of motherhood on social media and on her podcast.

The radio host hosts a podcast with her good friend, Jennifer Zamparelli, Jen and Lottie Do…Parenting, in which they discuss, well, parenting.

And of course they do it their own way while cutting out all the BS.

Catching up with Lottie on the red carpet at the Platinum VIP Style Awards, Lottie talks about two-year-old Wolf, telling us: “He is absolutely amazing and being a mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Lottie Ryan, Morah Ryan, Bonnie Ryan and Babette Ryan Photo: Brian McEvoy

And of course she says that the podcast is going “great”.

“We are currently planning season three!” she teases.

Of course, the response was incredible when it came to the pod. And Lottie is so grateful for that.

“It’s just nice to break the stigma of the mom community, which unfortunately can be quite judgmental,” she admits.

“That’s the whole reason we started the podcast: none of us got it right, none of us got it perfect. I think if we were all a little more open about that, people would feel better.”

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