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Married At First Sight star shocked after Taylor Swift’s blatant tattoo blunder

Married At First Sight Australian star Clare Verrall was left mortified after discovering a glaring mistake on her Taylor Swift-inspired tattoo as she showed off the ‘epic f**k up’

The bride from Married At First Sight gets a very awkward tattoo blunder

A Married At First Sight star was left humiliated after she botched a tattoo inspired by Taylor Swift.

Clare Verrall, who appeared in the Australian series in 2016, revealed she wanted the lyrics ‘F**k the patriarchy’ from the pop star’s extended All Too Well song on her back. She proudly showed off the results of her inking work, but was shocked to discover that it was actually misspelled.

Her tattoo artist had inked the word “patriarchy” as “pairarchy.” Clare admitted it led to awkward conversations with her family when she showed off her tattoo. She confessed: “I thought I was going to get ‘f**k the patriarchy’ as a hobo stamp because I’ve always been a staunch feminist. I thought they knew how to spell!”

Clare pointed out the spelling mistake (Instagram)
She was able to have it corrected by another tattoo artist(Instagram)

“I can’t spell! I then sent a picture of my tattoo to family and my sister asks what ‘pairiarchy’ is. They made the T and I, my tat said ‘f**k the pairiarchy’,” she further said on the Listnr Newsroom podcast. “My mother then wrote: ‘Spelling was never your strong point, darling’.” Clare was able to visit another tattoo artist who was able to correct the glaring mistake.

She gave an update to her fans when she got her correction, sharing: “It was an easy fix after 24 hours of laughing SO HARD at this damn creature 1) just for me 2) doing such a performative, white feminist thing and how embarrassing.” Clare then showed off the results of her tattoo, but admitted there was another problem with her ink.

The TV star said: “Still shaky. I love it (laugh crying emoji) Especially the placement.” It seemed Clare wasn’t put off tattoos despite the mistake, as the artist offered a different design to say sorry. She revealed that she now has a small ‘L’ on her left thumb and an ‘R’ on her right thumb because she “can’t tell left from right”.

Clare got another tattoo as an apology(Instagram)
She showed the correction (Instagram)

Clare told her followers: “I wish I’d gotten them 20 years ago but everyone teased me about the idea. I got these as ‘sorry for the epic f**k up’.” She rose to fame in the second series of Married At First Sight Australia when she was paired with Jono Pitman.

However, it all ended in disaster for Clare when she was sensationally dumped by Jono. Since the show, Clare has been busy losing weight. She previously told New Idea that at her heaviest she weighed 119kg and ordered three pizzas a day. Clare admitted that her resentment over her failed MAFS trip was partly to blame. Clare had liposuction last year and the results have been seen on Instagram, where she shared her excitement about getting rid of her “saddlebags and side butt”.