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Genetec Security Center SaaS optimizes access

Security Center SaaS debuted Genetec, an enterprise solution that brings the hardware management of access control systems and cameras to the cloud. It is a platform based on an open architecture that allows organizations to connect directly to the cloud with the latest Axis, Bosch, Hanwha and i-PRO cameras.

Support for direct-to-cloud connection

In addition to an open, multi-vendor camera offering, Security Center SaaS integrates with the recently announced Axis Cloud Connect solution and Axis Powered by Genetec network door controllers. It enables customers to securely connect, enroll, and manage Axis devices across deployment environments directly from cloud-based devices. Such as streaming video, metadata and access control data. The latest Bosch cameras integrate seamlessly with Genetec Security Center SaaS.

Improve system integration

Hanwha Vision Q series cameras will be compatible with Security Center SaaS. The company will continue to deliver support for Security Center SaaS across the entire product line. This will improve system integration. i-PRO will make as many camera models as possible compatible with the new Genetec solution through an app-based approach. Users of AI-enabled i-PRO cameras can simply use an application on the camera to gain direct access to the Genetec Security Center SaaS.

Cloud device management

Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering Genetec Inc

The Genetec Cloudlink cloud appliance offering allows organizations to do just that modernize your security infrastructure and take advantage of new features. The new line of devices facilitates the migration of security systems to a modern hybrid cloud architecture. In this way, the security investments previously made are optimized.

Genetec Security Center SaaS

Genetec Cloudlink 310 is the next generation of cloud management devices. It takes compute and storage to the next level with a secure Linux-based operating system and remote deployment and management capabilities. To make it possible ainstallation faster and without complications than ever before. Genetec Cloudlink 310 provides cloud simplicity, connectivity and scalability while leveraging the enterprise video management capabilities of Security Center SaaS.

More safety and control

Synergis Cloud Link allows customers to easily migrate their HID Mercury-based access control infrastructure (new or existing) to a cloud or hybrid environment. It is part of the Genetec Cloudlink family of devices and is designed to work with the latest access control technology and features communications capabilities authenticated between hardware and cloud. This guarantees maximum security for a truly “open” ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) solution. This way, customers can also make the choice that best suits their needs in the future.