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Taz Skylar addresses the criticism he received on social media after announcing a live-action casting

At the Paris Fan Festival, Taz Skylar, the actor set to play Sanji in Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action series, opened up about the initial wave of negative reactions he received on social media after the casting announcement.

During the festival’s Q&A session, Taz said his first encounter with criticism was around the time the One Piece casting news came out. He revealed that his friends told him his name was trending on Twitter, alongside references to his resemblance to rapper Eminem.

“The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it,” Skylar said, revealing that instead of being deterred by the negative feedback, he found motivation in the challenge. “I remember laughing because I thought, you know what, they have a point. I look a bit like Em,” he added.