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X-Men ’97 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: What (SPOILER) Really Means

X Men ’97 was a welcome addition to the animated landscape. It’s not surprising considering how beloved X-Men: The Animated Series was, but it’s worth it for fans to know that the hype of the Disney Plus sequel series has paid off.

The show is a lot darker than its predecessor and that much was evident early on, but it really took off from the halfway mark when the attack on Genosha was launched. While the X-Men were still reeling from that attack in the seventh episode, they prepared for anything as they hunted down Boliver Trask. Still, they were shocked by what they found.

A new, stronger and scarier race of Sentinel has been created, but it wasn’t just by Trask. It wasn’t just because of Mister Sinister, who has gotten involved in X-Men affairs all over again. This time it was about Bastion, who we were introduced to in the closing moments of “Bright Eyes”. And that immediately put the show on a collision course with what will undoubtedly be a groundbreaking finale.

That groundbreaking finale kicked off in its eighth episode this week and wasn’t shy when it came to stunning viewers, either. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ending, the episode, and what ‘Tolerance Is Extinction, Part 1’ set us viewers up for.

“For me, my X-Men.” The words that have defined the entire season were spoken again as Charles Xavier made a stunning return in the closing moments of X Men ’97 episode 8. After landing on Earth after leaving the Shi’ar Empire, he was now ready to help his beloved X-Men in the battle of their lives – and not a moment too soon.

From the moment Professor Bastion has convinced the people that the mutants cannot be trusted and he used the fact that Charles was still alive to do that, portraying the heroes as liars. And with the Prime Sentinels doing his bidding, he was needed more than ever.

Charles will now be a necessary part of turning the tide, with his reputation as a peacekeeper no doubt playing a role. Will he be able to convince the world that the mutants are indeed victims of a greater threat, and will that matter now that Magneto has seemingly declared war on the world that has burned him yet again?

Whatever happens, we’re happy to see Charles back in action; It’s been too long, professor.

We were first introduced to Bastion during the closing moments of X Men ’97 episode 7 when it was revealed that he was the mysterious attacker responsible for all the damage done in Genosha. Earlier in the episode, he killed Henry Peter Gyrich and told Mister Sinister about his plans to take down the X-Men. He then revealed to all of us that Magneto was still alive after the attack in Genosha.

Bastion continued to make his presence felt in “Tolerance Is Extinction”, presenting himself as a force to be reckoned with. And he really should be seen as such, because he and his Operation Zero Tolerance really shouldn’t be taken lightly. Look no further than Marvel Comics.

The character made his comic book debut in 2006. His real name is Sebastion Gilberti. He rose through the ranks of the US military incredibly quickly before founding an anti-mutant strike force called OZT: Operation Zero Tolerance. He was a mysterious figure, who asked more questions than he gave us answers, until he was eventually revealed to be two separate entities: Master Mold and Nimrod. He wasn’t human or mutant, he was something else entirely. This is something that X Men ’97 referenced when he was revealed to be a descendant of both characters.

Bastion is a truly terrifying individual who is able to sniff out mutants in a room full of people. He is also impervious to the Phoenix’s mind-reading ability, which really added to the air of mystery that surrounded him in those early days. X Men ’97 is already successfully recreating.

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