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The multinational Bayer and the human enemies in South Africa – Desinformémonos

Photo: Young people from organizations suing Bayer

The Bayer company has criticized the base of the people of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay in Alemania. Desalojos de campers y indigenes, aficionados en la salud, dismontes y contaminación de waters are algunas de la impacta del agroproducts y trangenicos que la comunidad europa.

Social organizations indictment against the Bayer/Monsanto company by human people in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia a journey through transgenic soy cultivation and agriculture is expanded with glifosato. See a presentation made for the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCDE) by the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (Argentina), Terra de Direitos (Brazil), BASE-IS (Paraguay), Fundación Tierra (Bolivia) , Misereor (Alemania) and the Centro Europeo de Derechos Constitucionales y Humanos. Most accidents happen because the multinationals use their products and most medidas are respectful. La OCDE has found a three-month window to decide whether to admit the charges.

In a joint communication, the organizations confirm: “Part of the presentation of specific cases in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia demonstrates the violation of human health, nutrition, water, mediocre environment, a la vivienda, a la tierra y/o territorio ya los derechos de los pueblos indígenas and comunidades campesinas”. The Argentinian case has brought the complaint to a family member of the consequences of the salud due to the exposure to flue gases with glifosato.

Luna Miguens, director of the Tierra equipment, Vivienda y Justicia Económica del Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS) explains the life of Tierra: “They present a regional and collective case of business that is patroness of management and politics is that companies rehearse the differences between the people of Cono There are implicit differences between the human violations”. With respect: “Nos interesaba poder mostrar que the progress of soy monoculture, deforestation, the burning of agricultural associations, fumigation, water pollution, conflicts at the level of the most influential associations on the progress of industrial agriculture There is no problem in the country, there is a regional theme“.

Photo: Young people from organizations suing Bayer

The indictment filed in Alemania has made Bayer radical its domestic matrix, encargada the general policy and practice of the protection of people and the environment. In this case, the Ley of Suministro is obliged to identify the employers with abuse of their human beings and with the environment in the activities of their evidence. If this standard is in the phase of manufacturing and distribution and use of products, the organism as the OCDE also includes the phase of use that the companies present the politics of thinking about environmental material.

Sarah Schneider, agriculture and food expert from Misereor, said: “Para nosotros It is important that Bayer is in all its phases of the cadena, in the production and distribution of semi-finished products and the distribution of the journey through the company of Monsoy in Brazil, or between commercial licenses, distributions or usual finals. It is important that in Alemania we see that Bayer has a major influence on this part of the courage cadena.

Once the OCDE has done the presentation, the next moment is a mediator between the organizations and the company to reach a sharp point. If it is not possible that the point of contact with Alemania in the OCDE publishes a definitive statement of the planteadas, we cannot say that we can be accurate and make recommendations to the company for the application of line guidelines.

A complaint about this tip was filed in 2016 in Suiza, against Syngenta. Because there is an embargo, awareness is only heightened by the consequences of a case in India. The presentation against Bayer, in a cambio, has several consequences and generalizations of the accionaire of the company. “The goal is for Bayer to work out the political environmentincluding an analysis of the soy consideration in all conflict zones, the criminalization of the community, the human rights defenders and the consequences for the community living in the community,” said Schneider. “Because, for example, the etiquette is in the form of selling our products or the requirements necessary for our distribution, you can ensure that you respect the minimum application distances“, completely.

The organizations that denounce that in Alemania there are cases that suspend in the cortes situations demand the suspension of the product registration with glifosato. And as you breathe, advertising regularly becomes bigger than your livelihood. For other people, the use of soy transgenics is not allowed in this country. “Vemos endorses a European political activity that operates with standard duplication. Products banned in the European Union are now produced and sold in countries in Latin America with negative consequences for documentation and predictability for the future,” advised.

Photo: Young people from organizations suing Bayer

There are many similarities with Bayer/Monsanto

In 1996, Argentina authorized the first use of a transgenic event, the ‘soy RR’, picked up by the company Monsanto, later adquirida by Bayer. Once the time comes, transgenic registration may take place in Brazil. In 2001, for example in Paraguay, and 2005, in Bolivia. In practice, most soy products are produced in the world. More than 60 years old agricultural lands are intended for this cultivation. There are 90 people who have grown soy in a transgenic culture.

These production indices have an impact on the social-ambient and social-sanitary atmosphere. Between 2001 and 2015, soy developed into millions of hectares of forest (direct deforestation) and an indirect impact of millions of hectares (indirect deforestation) in the region. The expansion of agriculture has a peligro-biomass as El Cerrado, the Amazon and the Mata Atlántica, which contains one of the greatest biodiversity of La Tierra.

In Bolivia, the use of agricultural products has tripled since 1999. In 2017, Paraguay won the $6.4 million global importer of agricultural products and this import correspondence has gone all over the world. In its part of Brazil, growth has increased: volume tripled between 2000 and 2010. In Argentina, cancer is considered to be present and has multiplied between 1997 and 2017.

The organizations indicate that there is a lack of respect for legal restrictions on fumigation, and that there is a problem with the transport generated directly by filters and in the waters of the American community. In the real life community of the e-studios, the presentation of agriculture in the water is detected and it is concluded that this water is used to work together or to have a great meaning for the salud. In this place, undifferentiated fumes exhale alergic breathing and breathing exercises, causing the skin to appear in the skin, ganglios and other ailments. Some medical studios confirm the relationship with these problems and exposure to plagiarism.

Photo: Young people from organizations suing Bayer

In Bolivia, some soy products are described as increasing the frequency of aging in the cultivation camps. If all goes well, there are many people who are concerned with the water and the rivers. In the community of Portoncito, all our people are opposed as fumigation companies, but they do not see any way of safe medida. During the last years of life, people get sick and suffer from the disinfectants. In the local situation of San José, the center of local information is increasingly consulted on diarrhea, vomiting and picazón at the pace of disinfection.

In Brazil, a studio of 2022 by the organizations concluded that the 127 municipalities of Paraná in the Niveles de glifosato/AMPA have greatly discovered the limits of the limits allowed in these countries. The indigenous community has to deal with the fact that agriculture in the Lagos area has turned into Pescan territory and the children have jobs throughout the verano period. When you are pregnant, people are informed about the pains of life, vomiting, picores, llamas, diarrhea and haste.

In Colonia Yeruti (Paraguay) reports are made of the disinfection of the disease experiments, of the disease, of the diarrhea and of the disease. There are 21 victims of drunkenness graves linked together. In 2019, the Paraguayan Paradise was poisoned by the Committee of Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas by the muerte of Rubén Portillo, one of the intoxicants.

Photo: Young people from organizations suing Bayer

A production model that includes food and nutrition

The level is increasingly important for intensive soy cultivation. As a consequence, in the countryside of the rural communities are illegal, armed attacks, envenomiento por fumigaciones intensive, illegal and criminalization of the part of soy products.

In Argentina, for example, the rural products are sued for punitive measures against the flue gas discharge, which and the hostigamiento against the victims of the flue gas discharge. In Brazil, the Pueblo Guaraní has ​​also presented flue gas cleaning as a fixture. It has been decided that the intended fumigation for alcanzar casas is the indigenous population.

There is a major impact on the cuestión of the fasting diet. A central aspect is the destruction of cultivars – including subsistence ones – that do not use pesticides or transgenic seeds. The intensive fumigation of the area and soil with the air in the zones destroys the livelihood crops of the communities, making access to food more limited. There are hay records of animals, such as pollen and peces.

In Bolivia, the cultivation of the genetic engineering of soy is about 50 years old for the cultivars of Santa Cruz, the department that concentrates on about hectares of the country’s agricultural agricultural areas. During the last decades (2011-2022), a forest area of ​​436 million hectares has been directly deforested for soy cultivation. In this region, 256 households from family campuses, rural migrants and indigenous peoples are affected by their protection and fasting nutrition due to the displacement of traditional indigenous agricultural systems.

The Colonia Yeruti of Paraguay covers an area of ​​2,212 hectares occupied by a number of products for the production of automotive consumption and its delivery. In practice, the mecanizados cultivars are exploded in the area of ​​the colony at the age of 60, an edition of the family campsites that live in the lugar. While the four borders of life on a few hectares of land, which are spread by large soybean extensions, constant fumigations with pesticides are realized.

Paraná is the second country producer of soy from Brazil. All, most people report the destruction of special silvers, abejas, mariposas, cazadores and animals on the rivers. There are problems with health and food production capacity due to water and polluted waters.

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