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Caleb Williams on comparisons to Aaron Rodgers: ‘It makes you feel good’

Chicago Bears fans hope so Caleb Williams can make the same impact that Aaron Rodgers did with the Green Bay Packers. Before the draft, the former USC quarterback appeared on The Pivot Podcast and was asked about being compared to Rodgers.

“It makes you feel good,” Williams said. “It’s just like the Kobe Bryant) – (Michael Jordan) something you look at and imitate. Williams then listed some of the things Rodgers has done in his career that pushed him to try it in training. He also revealed that he has tried a number of things Patrick Mahomes And Tom Brady have done in their career.

“Just sitting back, watching, learning, taking what I can absorb and adapting to my game the best way I can and making it my own,” Williams added. “Some of it might be like what Pat does, some of it might be like what Aaron Rodgers does, because they’re the best and to be the best you want to learn from the best. To be a leader, you must first be a follower. That’s how I look at those boys, I follow those boys. …To get to that point where they are now, winning Super Bowls, being MVPs or throwing these crazy passes, that’s where I want to be.

Caleb Williams is ready to do big things with the Chicago Bears

The Bears selected Williams No. 1 overall in the draft, which wasn’t a surprise considering the team traded up Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason. Bears fans expect big things from Williams, and the 2022 Heisman winner expects to win right away.

“If there are growing pains, you deal with them. But that doesn’t mean it diminishes your greatness,” Williams told reporters during his introductory press conference, according to the Bears’ official website. “There are trials and tribulations that you go through. Why would I go somewhere, work so hard for so many years and then start believing in every situation that I’m the best, and then I come here and I don’t believe that?

“That doesn’t mean I walk around and brag. That doesn’t mean I go around saying that. But the way I approach my work, the way I conduct myself every day, how I treat my friends, family, teammates, the faculty, the executives here, the administrators – whatever the case may be – treat everyone as they are. We are all equal, and everyone should think that he or she is the best when you do things and work so hard for things.”