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We will still fly locally, our lives in God’s hands; Keyamo’s comments are alarming: travelers

Several local air travelers in Nigeria have called on the federal government to conduct a thorough investigation into Aviation Minister Festus Keyamo’s claim that the aviation sector is rife with corruption and unsafe practices.

Chimezie Nwagboso said: “I just think there should be a proper investigation into this matter.

“It’s already bothering me because right now I don’t even feel comfortable or safe traveling by plane. I don’t risk traveling long distances by car, ship or train; it is not as comfortable as an airplane.”

Another air traveler, Alex Okam, said: “I find the statement of the Minister of Aviation quite alarming and worrying. It is unacceptable that corrupt officials compromise safety standards, putting lives at risk.

“It is essential to urgently address this issue and ensure that safety protocols are strictly adhered to to ensure the safety of airline passengers.”

Mr Okam added: “To be honest, the minister’s statement makes me a little worried about flying. I would definitely be more careful and do my research before choosing an airline or flight. However, I would not avoid flying completely as I believe that air travel is still relatively safe, and the Ministry of Aviation and FG should take the necessary measures to address these concerns.”

Mr Okam said he understood the minister’s concerns and that “it is worth panicking. I believe in taking the necessary precautions, but also in trusting that the authorities will guarantee our safety.”

“I would not look for alternative transport, because flying is still the fastest and most efficient way to travel. I would just pray and put my trust in God, as I always do when I travel,” he emphasized.

For Precious Okoye, safety is a primary concern.

Mrs Okoye said: “I expect safety, credibility and smooth journey from the airline and much more because I paid for a service and as such I should get one. So the airline would be doing me a disservice if their aircraft experiences a technical problem and they are aware of it before risking multiple lives for reasons best known to them.”

Mrs Okoye, however, said the alarming revelations by the Minister of Aviation would discourage her from flying.

“The declaration has no influence on my air travel. People travel by plane for various reasons, such as convenience, comfort and reaching certain destinations on time. I travel for all the reasons I mentioned, and no mode of transportation is completely safe,” she said.

Chiemerie Obiezewulu described Keyamo’s statement as “sad”.

Mr Obiezewulu said: “People who we put our lives in their hands joke with them when there are certain rules and guidelines they are supposed to follow. This issue must be addressed immediately to avoid endangering the lives of innocent Nigerians.”

He added: “The minister’s words to me are quite worrying. Personally, I would avoid airlines or flights for now as it is safe and fast. I would prefer to take a different route on this until it is officially dealt with.”

“I understand the minister’s concern, but his words make me have doubts about airlines in Nigeria. I hope everything will be sorted out soon.”

“I will fly if I have to, if it is far away and all that, but if it is somewhere where it won’t take that long, I can use the road,” Wisdom Folorunsho told Peoples Gazette.

Dapo Ajayi noted that flying in Nigeria would remain the most viable option.

“I would still fly. I just hope that the regulatory bodies carry out their duties and controls. The alternative is a path that is not palatable,” Mr Ajayi said.

Another traveler, Elijah Soladoye, said: “So I think I trust the airlines I use well enough, including Air Peace, which has just been approved for international flights. I think they have to be standard and reliable enough to achieve that.”

Victory Okechukwu would prefer to fly because traveling on Nigerian roads is “more stressful and time-consuming and still much less safe.”

Mr Okechukwu said: “I leave my life in God’s hands and use the plane.”