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The defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan did not want to participate in the World Snooker Championship anyway

Cazoo World Snooker Championship 2024 - Day Twelve

Ronnie O’Sullivan was in good spirits after defeat to Stuart Bingham (Picture: Getty Images)

After a quarter-final defeat to Stuart Bingham, Ronnie O’Sullivan says he had no intention of playing in this year’s World Snooker Championship but had his arm twisted by a new sponsor.

Bingham recorded a brilliant 13-10 victory over the Rocket at the Crucible, the second time he has defeated him at this stage of a World Championship.

O’Sullivan’s chances of a record eighth world title are over for another year, while he also loses his world number one spot, but he says he was only in Sheffield in the first place to fulfill the request of a sponsor who adorned his vest.

‘I’m contracted to do certain events in China, contracted to do my own shows in China, contracted to go to Saudi Arabia. Clearly they have first dibs. Then it’s like spending time at home with the family,” O’Sullivan said of his schedule.

‘I would actually only start playing here if a new sponsor came along. I went, okay cool.

‘I wasn’t planning on playing against Manchester (Tour Championship) or this because of how I felt about playing, but they twisted my arm.’

The Rocket says he will be on a more limited schedule next season, which will likely only increase his workload if he does terribly in the few games he does play.

Cazoo World Snooker Championship 2024 - Day Twelve

O’Sullivan was frustrated at times during the three-session match (Picture: Getty Images)

“Like I said, first come, first served, I’ve already signed up for eight or nine events,” he said.

‘If I do really bad at it, I think I might have to play a few tournaments here, but otherwise probably not because I just want to be at home.

“There are only so many days I allow myself to be away from home. You can’t actually do everything.

‘I don’t just come to the events. Taxes must be paid. If people are willing to pay, I will make sure I hand over my case. If they’re not, I’m quite happy never to play again and move on and do other things.”

Stuart Bingham meets Jak Jones in the semi-final (Photo: Getty Images)

The 48-year-old said he will not look back on his defeat to Bingham but will watch the rest of the World Championship as he remains a fan of his sport.

“It’s pretty much gone,” he said of the loss. ‘There’s still a great tournament to go, I’ll probably watch it for a bit, because I’m still a snooker fan and a snooker player.

‘For me it’s over, it’s over, just move on and look forward to what I’ll do with my snooker.’

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