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Bitcoin Minetrix Ends Presale, BlockDAG Launches X1, $22 Million Raised

BlockDAG has set a new standard with the impressive $22 million raised in its latest presale, promising a 30,000x ROI by 2030. Meanwhile, as the Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends, the market’s enthusiasm is clearly visible, with shifts from passive to active involvement that signals a growing investor. to trust. BlockDAG plans to launch the beta version of the X1 mobile mining application during the pre-sale on June 1, highlighting its strong market position compared to other contenders.

BlockDAG will reach $30 by 2030 and offer 30,000x ROI for early investors

BlockDAG laid out its bold vision during its electrifying keynote in Shibuya, which delivered a forecast of 30,000x ROI for early investors, a goal underscored by a significant $22 million in the latest presale. With future expansion in mind, BlockDAG has introduced a strategic acquisition plan to stimulate the market.

Projections suggest that the BDAG coin could reach $30 by 2030, with an initial 8.3 billion coins in circulation. To further ensure investor confidence and overshadow events like the Scorpion Casino BitMart Listing, BlockDAG has committed to a significant $100 million in liquidity at launch.

This includes an initial airdrop of 40%, three monthly distributions of 20% and a three-year lock-up of 1% for the team to stabilize the market and ensure the longevity of the project. This approach positions BlockDAG not just to enter the market, but to reshape it.

Market optimism as Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends

In recent months, Bitcoin Minetrix has experienced impressive growth, with its token price peaking at $0.0148 and fundraising exceeding $13 million, indicating strong investor confidence.

As the Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends, there is a noticeable shift in market behavior from passive to active engagement, reflecting increased optimism about the future of the project. This transition marks the end of the Bitcoin Minetrix presale.

It marks a period of increased activity and interest, indicating that investors are eager to take advantage of the opportunities that arise when the Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends. This trend indicates a robust development trajectory for Bitcoin Minetrix.

BlockDAG’s X1 app mines up to 20 BDAG coins daily

BlockDAG is about to shake up the crypto mining scene with its X1 mobile app, set to release on iOS and Android on June 1. This advanced app turns everyday smartphones into efficient mining devices that can collect up to 20 BDAG coins daily.

The X1 works on a breakthrough energy-efficient algorithm that maximizes the phone’s potential while reducing battery usage. Unlike traditional mining rigs that consume power, the X1 app integrates effortlessly into your daily phone use, eliminating the high costs associated with typical crypto mining setups.

This intelligent solution paves the way for anyone to dive into crypto mining efficiently and sustainably, making it a game-changer for casual tech enthusiasts and serious miners alike.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends with high ambitions to rise

Market trends and analyst forecasts suggest that $BTCMTX could experience a fivefold increase in value, possibly later this year or beyond. The short-term forecasts are particularly promising, with projections of up to 130% after the completion of pre-sales and initial listings.

The token’s innovative appeal fuels this bullish outlook, its competitive early prices and robust investor interest, which was reflected during its successful fundraising.

Additionally, positive momentum in the broader cryptocurrency markets and expected sector growth further strengthen the prospects for substantial appreciation of $BTCMTX.

BlockDAG: A Superior Investment as Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

As the Bitcoin Minetrix presale ends, BlockDAG stands out with its robust financial strategy and innovative technology, positioning it as the superior investment choice. With strategic liquidity of $100 million at launch and an effective vesting plan, BlockDAG promises substantial returns, stability and growth potential that exceeds its contemporaries, making it the optimal choice for investors seeking long-term value.

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