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In Jacksonville, Vice President Kamala Harris says abortion rights are a fight for freedom. Florida Phoenix

Just over 14 hours after a six-week abortion ban became the law of the land in Florida, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in Jacksonville, where she placed responsibility for the new restrictions squarely on former President Donald Trump.

“As of this morning, four million women in this state have woken up with fewer reproductive freedoms than last night. This is the new reality, under a Trump abortion ban,” Harris said Wednesday afternoon. “As of this morning, Florida women have been subject to an abortion ban that is so extreme that it applies before many women even know they are pregnant. Which, by the way, tells us that the extremists who drafted this ban either don’t know how a woman’s body works or they simply don’t care.”

As Democrats continue to pressure Trump — who added three conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court during his time in office — Florida’s Republican Party-controlled legislature passed the measure and Governor Ron DeSantis signed the strict six-week abortion ban.

Harris’ appearance in Florida comes just eight days after President Joe Biden came to Tampa, and both of their speeches focused on the new abortion ban, which will now impact women’s reproductive rights in the southern United States. With complete abortion bans in nearby states like Alabama and Mississippi, Florida was a haven of choice for women in the Southeast to legally access abortion, but that has now changed with the six-week ban in effect.

“Today, 1 in 3 women of childbearing age live in a state with a Trump abortion ban,” Harris said. “Many, without exception for rape or incest.”

She then told the audience that when she started her career as a prosecutor, she chose to specialize in fighting crimes against women and children. She said the reason she focused on that was because a best friend from high school had been molested by her stepfather.

“And you don’t have to give up your faith or deeply held beliefs to agree; the government shouldn’t be telling her what to do!” she said, causing the biggest cheers during her 16-minute speech.

In a TIME magazine interview published Tuesday, Trump said abortion rights should be left to the states. But Democrats continue to insist that if re-elected, the former president would sign a national abortion ban if such a bill came to his desk.

“How do we know?” Harris asked rhetorically. “Congress tried to pass a national abortion ban in 2017, and then-President Trump passed it and promised to sign it if it reached his desk,” she said.

Trump said last March that he was leaning toward a national 15-week abortion ban, but ultimately announced that he wanted to leave the choice to the states.

“So here’s what a second (Trump) term looks like,” Harris said. “More prohibited. More suffering. Less freedom.”

She further cited how abortion rights measures have won at the polls every time in the past two years in both red and blue states, proving it is not a partisan issue, and urged the crowd to make their voices heard if they vote on a constitutional amendment this fall in Florida. If the measure receives 60% support from voters, the measure would return a woman’s right to an abortion to the point of viability.

Among those seen at the event were Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan, Democratic state legislators Fentrice Driskell and Tracie Davis and Florida Democratic Party Chairman Nikki Fried.

Florida Republicans emerged after the speech, noting how Trump has led Biden in every poll conducted in Florida over the past year.

“Joe Biden is losing in Florida, and he knows it,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Rachel Lee said. “Despite Biden and Harris’ best efforts to mislead voters, they know exactly who is responsible for rising costs, a spiraling border crisis and staggering crime rates across the country.”

Trump’s campaign has labeled Democrats as the extreme party on the issue of abortion.

“President Trump has long been consistent in supporting states’ rights to make decisions about abortion,” said Karoline Leavitt, the Trump campaign’s national press secretary. “Joe Biden and the Democrats are radically out of touch with the majority of Americans in their support for abortion up to birth and even after birth….”