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A unique mix of innovation and performance

Eer impresses with its innovative and robust Magic 6 Pro smartphone

After breaking away from Huawei, Honor has launched an ambitious venture to establish its credibility in the competitive smartphone market with the Magic 6 Pro. This smartphone exemplifies Honor’s commitment to innovation, with features and design elements intended to appeal to a global audience. While targeting markets in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, Honor is also looking at a public offering to strengthen its position in the technology industry.

Distinctive design with an opulent flair

The Honor Magic 6 Pro has a stylish premium look that may draw differing opinions, but its sleek construction, including a faux leather back with a textured finish, exudes luxury and sophistication. The unique camera setup may give rise to discussions, but it is undeniably prominent. Moreover, the device does not shy away from splendor and features an OLED screen that reaches the highest brightness levels, allowing for an exceptional viewing experience.

Next level hardware performance

Deep beneath its attractive exterior, the Magic 6 Pro is powered by a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, backed by a capacious 5,600mAh battery, promising both endurance and power. It offers ample memory and storage configurations and is equipped with water and dust resistance against everyday weather conditions.

Camera and software: easily create professional images

The Magic 6 Pro’s camera ensemble includes a 50-megapixel main sensor distinguished by its unusual focal length and adaptive aperture, alongside a remarkably high-resolution telephoto lens and a versatile ultra-wide lens that doubles as a macro shooter. The phone uses innovative software to enhance the photography experience and offers different styles and an intuitive aperture mode.

A mix of software ingenuity

Honor manifests breakthrough features such as customizable app shortcuts and smart camera tools without partnerships similar to its Chinese counterparts. MagicOS offers a fresh look at how users interact with the device and access settings. The camera app introduces photography enthusiasts to unique modes optimized to capture the essence of every moment, from candid portraits to playful pets in action.

Most important questions and answers:

Q: Does Honor Magic 6 Pro support 5G connectivity?
A: Not mentioned in the original article, but if the Honor Magic 6 Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, it will likely support 5G connectivity, as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series processors typically include 5G capabilities.

Question: What is the operating system of the Honor Magic 6 Pro?
A: The article doesn’t specify the operating system, but the reference to MagicOS suggests it runs on Android, as MagicOS is typically Honor’s skin on top of the Android operating system.

Key challenges and controversies:

One potential challenge Honor faces is differentiating itself from former parent company Huawei, especially in light of security issues plaguing Huawei in several markets. Consumers and government agencies may associate Honor with Huawei and may have reservations even though Honor is now an independent company.


Design: The Magic 6 Pro may appeal to users looking for a luxurious design with its leatherette back and premium build quality.
Performance: With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and a large battery, the Magic 6 Pro is likely to deliver excellent performance and battery life.
Camera system: A high-resolution camera setup and advanced software capabilities provide users with the opportunity for professional-level photography.
Software: MagicOS offers unique customization options and intuitive features that can provide a user-friendly experience.


Brand perception: Honor can struggle with brand recognition and consumer trust, especially in markets dominated by established players.
Market penetration: Honor’s focus on specific regions may limit its global reach and sales potential.
Software updates: There may be concerns about the frequency and longevity of software updates, which is a common problem with non-mainstream smartphone brands.

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