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The Nat’l Resilience Council issues a La Niña warning to Iloilo City



ILOILO City – During a recent meeting with Mayor Jerry Treñas, representatives of the National Resilience Council issued a warning regarding the La Niña phenomenon, urging the public to brace for possible flash floods.

As predicted by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical Services Administration, La Niña – which brings heavy rainfall – is expected to take effect in the third quarter of 2024.

Highlighting the severity of La Niña, the Council predicted stronger storms and heavier rainfall, which could lead to flooding as the soil and trees may not fully absorb the heavy rainwater.

It recommended investing in water storage facilities to mitigate the effects.

Iloilo City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Donna Magno acknowledged the urgency of the situation.

“Studies predict that in the near future, dry spells will become more intense and wet days will be shorter, but still significantly wetter,” Magno said.

Mayor Treñas emphasized the need for extensive preparation.

The city has already allocated money for major infrastructure to manage the increased water flow, with specific budgets for sea defenses.

It has an existing reservoir – a tank that stores water – on La Paz Plaza and a €17 million fund is available that could be used to build the same facility on Plaza Libertad.

The city government is also seeking more money to build a single reservoir at Jaro Plaza and other public squares./PN