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Benzino thinks R. Kelly should not ‘rot in prison for 30 years’

Benzino believes R. Kelly is being treated unfairly after the latter was sentenced to 30 years in prison following his 2022 conviction on sex trafficking and racketeering charges.

During a performance at the We in Miami podcast published on Wednesday (April 24), the media owner spoke about redemption in the context of male artists having sexual relationships with girls under the age of consent.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” he said when asked about the Chicago native. “The legal age is 16, so is it okay for an n-gga to do it, yes or no?”

When the women around the table all collectively agreed that it was still wrong, he continued, “Okay, but it’s legal in America, so why the fuck is R. Kelly doing this all this time? Because you know why? Because they are 14 and 13 – two years younger – but you don’t think that the people who approved it for 16 didn’t know that they are also working at 13 and 14.

‘As if you make an age for the law even so young, you already know they fall under that. I don’t condone n-ggas fucking little girls – it’s sick, okay, it’s sick, it’s sick – but I don’t think R. Kelly should do that rotten also 30 years in prison.”

The 58-year-old added: “What about the fact that R. Kelly was abused when he was a child? They didn’t take that into account (…) They exploited him and made all kinds of documentaries from which all these people made money.

“Those parents of those girls knew what they were dealing with, with R. Kelly – a lot of people knew that, you know what I mean? – but R. Kelly has no education, man. For example, when does that come into the picture?

View the former co-owner of The source discuss the disgraced singer at 12:32 below:

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Likewise, Boosie Badazz was also quite upset about R. Kelly’s three-decade prison sentence. The Baton Rouge rapper admitted that the R&B veteran was “wrong” for what he did and that he deserves to serve time behind bars, though he also argued that his crimes don’t warrant such a long sentence .

“People get 15/20 years for murder, he gets 30!!” he tweeted. “Yes, he was wrong when he manipulated young girls and made sex with them, but he didn’t kill anyone, rape anyone. There is no blame for the parents who knew everything. Grudge this man!! Professors are on probation for this nonsense.

R. Kelly's child pornography conviction is upheld in Chicago

R. Kelly’s child pornography conviction is upheld in Chicago

“Get this man help and a prison sentence, but don’t give him a death sentence, 30 years!! Maybe one day he can get out n warn these young girls about older predators n make a difference? only 30 years like Come on world!!”

He even pointed the finger at the parents of Kelly’s victims, posting a screenshot of a court document alleging that the mother of one of the underage girls had “manipulated (her) relationship with the singer” and “actively misled him about her age’.

Shortly after the ‘Ignition’ hitmaker was sent to prison, Boosie also called him ‘the best to ever do it’ as he danced along to tracks from his leaked project, I admit.

The first video on social media showed him smiling and bobbing his head as the artist describes a conversation with Wendy Williams on the three-part title track.

She said, ‘What about Aaliyah’, I said, ‘Love’ / She said, ‘What about the tape’, I said, ‘Quiet’ / I said, ‘My lawyers said, don’t say anything (nothing) , but I can tell you I was framed,” he sings on the joint, which was released on Soundcloud earlier in 2018.

The Louisiana rapper’s caption matched the excitement he expressed in the video when he wrote, “R.Kelly TALKING DAT SHIll (flame emoji) THE BEST TO EVER DO IT (ster emoji) YOU BETTER GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM (100 emoji) NUMBER 1 FAN-BOOSIE BADAZZ.”

A few minutes later, he returned to Instagram with another clip, this time listening to the 57-year-old sing the first few lines of a song titled “Planet,” which is similar to Marvin Gaye’s classic, “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Shout).”

“THIS MF R.KELLY IS THE BIGGEST (flame emoji,” the rapper captioned the second post. “IM LIT TODAY!! #FreeRKellyAsap”