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¿Le robaron la presidencia a AMLO en 2006? Shows that Roberto Madrazo is an entrepreneur | VIDEO

President López Obrador held this Monday’s conference on April 29 (Jovani Pérez)

Elizabeth Garcia Vilchis the insertion of the section ‘Quién es quién in las mentales’ confirms your espacio at the conference of the presidential elections, to ensure that the actual President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López ObradorRoberto Madrazo Pintado, who has run presidential elections since 2006, delivered the statements of the PRI candidate priests.

“Queremos refrescar la memoria con algo es muy importante, in 2006, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has started las electionses”, expressed in the Palacio Nacional.

The information revealed about the aspiring party of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), which is aseguró tener at best, the latter did it on purpose “Andrés iba arriba de Calderón”.

I covered Felipe Calderón, representative of the National Party, during the elections of June 2, 2006 (PAN)Now is the time for the president to be occupied with the presidency and the friends of the country, the cargo that guides his years.

During the 2006 elections, López Obrador held the elections, with a video Crédito – Fuente: Gobierno de México

García Vilchis presents a fragment of a video in what is the ex-gobernador of Tabasco, Madrazo Pintado, confirms that his acta are the twenty-third López Obrador en aquel año. See an entrepreneur who started in 2006 with the periodist Emmanuel Sibilla.

In recent times when social speech is circulating, communication is encouraged to generate motivation for the fact that there are no AMLO documents, and that is the reaction that “nadie se las pidio”.

“Madrazo kept quiet, complicit in fraud in 2006, now is the time. Calderón is the electoral battle, he is the electoral battle,” echoed García Vilchis of the Palacio Nacional, saying that many people have discovered that there is fraud.

Including, while we observe the Madrazo Pintado, which is the azul-vestía, that the IFE can order a recuento de los votos, because we say: “You will have a favorable recuento for López Obrador, pero esa no era mi lucha”.

Roberto Madrazo explains in his social speeches what this happens. (Photo: @RobertoMadrazo_)

Before the polemic lost the topic of the first week of this year, the president of Tabasco responded to his post not to disclose the content of the actions in these places.

A journey through the red social X, Roberto Madrazo Explanation that the president’s modus operandi is simply reflected when he dictates the election authorization, and refers to the Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE), authorizes before the fact that he did not investigate the three-time presidential candidate Felipe Calderón, but that he subsequently stated in his statement explained action, while AMLO has reached the aspirant of PAN and breath, no requirements have been made for the election authorization.

In addition, it is explained that your partner has always done an irresponsible exploration before the final results reached one of his contrincantes.

“Hubiera is a terribly irresponsible party that wants to stabilize the political climate and can anticipate the victory of its candidates based on the actions you can do in my lifetime, which has NEVER happened,” he wrote.

Repeat that you have no capricho and that your course of action is correct, now that you are a votación that is sure that this is in an epoch.