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Mike Johnson’s Career Is Over Even Without Marjorie Taylor Greene: Analysis

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is widely expected to survive Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s planned motion to leave next week, while some Democrats are predicted to step in and bail him out, but that can only be a Pyrrhic victory, warns Charles R. .

Why? According to Wednesday’s Salon writer’s column, Johnson’s career may essentially be over.

“Johnson has claimed the support of former President Donald Trump and publicly dismissed Greene, an ally of ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy, as fundamentally unserious,” Davies wrote. “But as CBS News noted, three votes from disaffected Republicans would be enough to roil the House of Representatives.”

Davis also cites a new report from the Washington Post showing that most Republicans believe Johnson’s days are numbered since the vote on aid to Ukraine.

“People have ruled (Johnson) out for a leadership position in the next Congress,” a senior Republican aide told the Post.

Davies also notes that Johnson’s vote in Ukraine did not sit well with a particularly powerful Republican.

“Trump has spoken out in favor of long-term support for the victim of Russian aggression,” Davies wrote.

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While Republicans remain confident that Democrats like Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries will spare them an ugly battle to oust Johnson, Davies argues a bigger problem remains.

“The party remains concerned about the damage Greene could cause,” he wrote. “Greene isn’t winning many converts to her cause… but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making life difficult for the Republican caucus and its tenuous grip on power.”