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‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’ Lyrics: Shaboozey’s Song Achieves Success and J-Kwon Shares Thoughts! | Listen first, J-Kwon, lyrics, music, Shaboozey | Just Jared: Celebrity News & Gossip

Shaboozey is a newcomer who is achieving great success on the country music charts with his new song “A bar song (tipsy).”

The 28-year-old singer just reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart. He and Beyoncé made history as the first two Black artists to top the charts with consecutive No. 1 songs.

Shaboozey actually connected Beyoncé on her Cowboy Carter songs “Spaghetti” and “Sweet Honey Buckiin.”

In the chorus of his new song, Shaboozey sings, “Someone pour me a double shot of whiskey (a double shot of whiskey) / They know me and Jack Daniel has a history (we go way back) / There’s a party downtown, near 5th Street / Everyone at the bar gets to work ‘tipsy (Woo).”

If you didn’t know, Shaboozey‘s new single interpolates J-Kwon‘s hit “Tipsy” and the rapper shares his thoughts on the song.

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“It’s not even a tribute really; I have a crazy percentage… Let’s put it this way, we did that together, and I’m proud of him,’ J-Kwon told Billboard.

J-KwonThe club’s manager added: ‘We were compensated. Actually, we do have credit for the song and a deal has been reached in the favor of both parties. Respect the artist and his craft. We license it to someone and the original artist has to be compensated. As for the approval process, artists must clear their record. They wouldn’t release Kanye’s ‘Through the Wire’. Shaboozey has (J-Kwon)’s blessing and the label has his blessing.

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