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Charli D’Amelio fans worried after TikToker was reportedly ‘swarmed’ by men at Coachella

YouTube star Tana Mongeau is concerned for TikTok icon Charli D’Amelio after the young creator was allegedly “swarmed” by older men at Coachella.

Charli D’Amelio caused quite a stir at Coachella 2024, sparking relationship rumors with two separate high-profile boys after they were photographed allegedly holding hands with FaZe Banks and reportedly “dancing” to rapper Tyga at a after party.

These aren’t the only guys who have apparently approached the TikTok star either, as fellow influencer Tana Mongeau claims the young content creator was ‘swarmed’ by men during her time at the music festival.

Tyga and Charli d'Amelio Coachella 2024

Charli D’Amelio and Tyga at Coachello 2024.

Tana opened up about seeing Charli at Coachella during an episode of her “Cancelled” podcast, calling the situation “scary.”

“I saw men swarming around her,” Tana said. “It’s a testament to the fact that she’s in her ‘old enough, warm enough’ era, to the point where it’s scary.”

“I just saw her with a lot of men, I was also 18 and f**king and I look back on it now… It’s such a canon event and you can’t change it. You really can’t. I just…don’t want to see her get caught by the vines.”

(Segment starts at 1:21:08)