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Former massage therapist in L. Merion convicted of indecent assault

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NORRISTOWN – A former massage therapist at a Lower Merion business will be under court supervision for several years on charges that he had indecent contact with a female client during a massage appointment.

Kwangyeol Park, 53, of the 400 block of Danielle Way, West Chester, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court to 10 to 20 months in prison on charges of aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault.

Judge Virgil B. Walker, who convicted Park of the charges at a trial, said Park will be eligible for a work release program while he serves the sentence.

Walker also ordered Park to complete three years of probation following parole, meaning he will be under court supervision for nearly five years.

In addition, Park, formerly of the 300 block of Bailey Road in the Bryn Mawr section of Lower Merion, faces a lifetime obligation to report his address to state police in order to comply with Pennsylvania’s Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act, formerly known as Megan’s Law. . Park was informed of the registration requirements at the court with the help of a Korean interpreter.

The judge ordered Park, also known as Park Kwagyeol, not to have contact with the victim.

The investigation began on April 11, 2022, when the victim went to the Lower Merion Police Department to file an indecent assault complaint against Park.

The woman reported that Park, her massage therapist, touched her genitals and made indecent contact with her during her monthly massage appointment April 5 at Massage Envy on Greenfield Avenue in Ardmore, according to the criminal complaint filed by Lower Merion Detective John Mick.

“At that moment she felt like she couldn’t move, and her breathing changed. She described it as feeling like she was holding her breath, couldn’t breathe and couldn’t move. She had her eyes closed thinking this wasn’t real and was scared to see what was happening, but at the same time she couldn’t talk,” Mick wrote in the arrest affidavit. “She said her brain was trying to figure out how to stop this, but she couldn’t find the words.”

The woman reported feeling “vulnerable” and said she was afraid to open her eyes to see the clock “because she didn’t want to look at him,” according to the arrest affidavit.

The woman said she told Park her neck hurt, hoping he would take his hands away from her genitals and focus on her neck.

“When he said the massage was over, she opened her eyes and he said, ‘I’m sorry,'” Mick claimed, and before leaving the room so the woman could get dressed, Park told her, “You’ll come back for another massage, right?”

The victim reported that she had had four previous massage sessions with Park and that he never touched her in an indecent manner on those occasions.

The woman left the business and immediately called friends to report what had happened to her and eventually went to the police.

Detectives notified the owner of Massage Envy of the woman’s complaint. The owner told detectives that Park had worked at the business since April 2015 and that no complaints had been filed against him.

The owner cooperated with authorities during the investigation and told investigators at the time that Park would be removed from the plan pending the outcome of the investigation, court documents show.

Detectives said the investigation revealed that Park had a massage therapy license issued to him by the Pennsylvania Department of State on July 25, 2014, with an expiration date of January 31, 2023.