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Conoce las fechas de pago en cómo consultar los montos

El Viernes April 26 the beginning of the process of 2024 implementation for all contributions that carry out your rental declaration on the portal Servicio de Impuestos Internos.

Moreover, the contributions that present your declaration in between April 9 and 19, receive your devolución on May 14, mientras quienes lo hicieron entre el April 20 and 26, view the page on May 20.

For other people you must indicate in between on April 27 and May 10, the transfer will take place on May 28.

If there is an embargo, there is an exception: you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt devolución mediante check on May 30.

Is it a good idea to recibiré?

To determine the process stage and the phase of your devolution, you can enter the situation of SII:

  1. Agree to your use and select “Services Online”.
  2. Choose “Declaración de Renta”, “Consulta y Seguimiento” and “Consultar Estado de Declaración”.
  3. Selection of year 2024.

You can get advice on the situation from the General Tesoreria of the Republic:

  1. Ingresa con Clave Única or Clave Tributaria.
  2. Click on “Beneficios y Devoluciones” and click on “Consultas”.
  3. Select “Consulta Renta” and finally “Consultar Devolución Renta”.

Recuerda that the square is to declare the rent in 2024 on May 10.