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Akbar V is seemingly denying the rumor that she was attacked by one of Cardi B’s friends

Akbar V recently hung out in New York and it got the rumor mill going. Some of the most recent claims have alleged that she was attacked by a friend of New York native Cardi B. The rumors circulated across the internet, but eventually became loud enough that the Akbar himself heard them. So when she recently took to Instagram to talk to her fans, she tried to close the story without mentioning it by name.

In the video she drives around in the car and talks about what she has been up to. Although she confirms she’s hanging out in New York, she dances around the obvious topic a bit. In the end, she reiterates that she doesn’t discuss anything negative and doesn’t worry about the little things. Instead, she opts for positivity, which immediately made fans suspicious. Also adding to fans’ suspicion is what many believe to be a cut above one of her eyes in the video. The comments section is full of fans pointing out that she may not be doing the best job of covering up the fact that she was involved in some sort of scuffle. Watch the video from her Instagram live below.

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Akbar V denies fight rumors on Instagram Live

Recently, Akbar V made waves for someone she was seeing. Photos of her and J. Cole together reminded fans that she was dubbed the “female Kanye” online. Cole has recently become a target of Kanye West, who took shots at him in the lyrics of his “Like That” remix. West also posted some suggestive images on Instagram in an attempt to humiliate Cole even further.

What do you think about Akbar V denying that she got into a fight with one of Cardi B’s friends in New York? Do you believe her, or do you think the cut above her eye gives away the deception? Let us know in the comment section below.

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