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Triple H Teases Major WWE WrestleMania News, Addresses London Speculation – TJR Wrestling

Triple H says news is coming regarding WrestleMania 41.

It was widely believed that WrestleMania 41 would go to Minneapolis, Minnesota, but no announcement has been made. Plus, Nick Khan even admitted that Las Vegas remained in the running.

But it looks like the speculation is finally coming to an end.

During a conference call on X, Triple H provided an update on WrestleMania 41 and speculated that the event could take place in London in the future. This is despite Nick Khan explaining that WWE wants to keep their five major events in North America while hosting other premium live events around the world.

“Well, everyone is always excited to know where WrestleMania will be. The WrestleMania 41 announcement is coming very, very soon. I promise very, very soon.

As for next year, we’ll see what you said earlier about the global nature of what we do. For me it’s the biggest, I don’t look at where we are where we’re going. I just look at the globe. And I think everything is on the table for where it’s going.

You recently saw the Mayor of London make a statement about WrestleMania. I said we need to talk and we should, just like the mayor or the leaders of any other place in this world. If they want WWE to come talk to us, we’re open for business, we’d love to be there.

Wherever our fans are going to be the loudest and craziest and most interested in what we do, it would be an honor to go there and perform for them, so whether that’s Raw, SmackDown, NXT, or that is a PLE regardless of its size or that that is WrestleMania itself. Obviously the larger ones are a little more difficult to perform. But let’s talk.”

Triple H to announce Las Vegas WrestleMania?

Triple H’s comments come after it was reported that Las Vegas is now the favorite to host WrestleMania 41.

The report claimed that Minneapolis’ chances of hosting the event were “dwindling by the day,” although this had not yet been completely ruled out.

Additionally, The Undertaker said the 2025 edition of the spectacle would take place in Las Vegas.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co