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Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Crash a Quinceañera With a Cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U”

Some people get so lucky without fully realizing it until years later. One such person is Madison Littlefoot. She won a contest on San Diego radio station 91X FM to have a band play at her quinceañera on July 15 last year. What she it didn’t knew when she won was that the band in question was none other than Me first and the Gimme Gimmes. Needless to say, neither Madison nor her friends or family knew they were in the company of punk rock’s first cover band/trolls, and the atmosphere was one of bewilderment and awkward confusion.

That was exactly the effect the band – at this event consisting of Spike Slawson, CJ Ramone, Swami John Reis, Andrew “Pinch” and Joey Cape – had intended. Even about audio that comes through perfectly. But there was one moment where the audience really got caught up in what they were watching, and that was the band’s rather brilliant reinterpretation of ‘Good 4 U’, which deconstructs and rebuilds the elements. Olivia Rodrigo song to create something completely postmodern and, quite frankly, awesome. “Since our intended audience was 15-year-olds,” Slawson says, “we were forced to put together a song from the current millennium. After some serious introspection and marathon listening sessions for late-night modern pop, we came to the conclusion that ‘Good 4 U’ was the song that best aligned with our values, principles and aesthetic.

You can listen to the cover below (don’t worry, the event DJ played all the songs Madison and her friends wanted to hear, the way they wanted to hear them after the set). The band will be touring through July (presumably in more conventional locations), although Strung Out’s Jake Kiley will be handling guitar parts in place of Joey Cape. You can also pre-order the full live performance Blow It…at Madison’s Quinceañera here before arriving on June 14.