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Fixed tuition and fees, from day one to graduation


As a candidate for State Senator, I am committed to presenting new ideas, a fresh approach and a new direction. I understand that the affordability crisis is not just a statistic, but a real struggle that affects us all in many ways. One of the biggest challenges, especially for our young adults, is the cost of higher education, which can financially constrain people for much of their adult lives.

While we dream about pursuing academic success, we all face the harsh reality of paying for it. But as a state legislator, I see the potential for change. There are steps that can be taken together with CUNY and SUNY to make higher education just a little more accessible to young adults in our state.

It struck me that when we start living on extremely limited income streams while studying, our incomes don’t increase, but costs do skyrocket. This is done from tuition, housing, food, books, supplies and fees. The collegiate journey begins with financial assessments, after which surprising academic cost spikes derail the best students in countless ways.

I propose a new deal for CUNY and SUNY students where tuition, related fees, and fee structures are fixed from day one through graduation, as long as the student continues without interruption in academic enrollment. It is fair and equitable that publicly funded higher education institutions keep costs consistent throughout a student’s tenure so they can plan for the future.

It’s the right approach and will give students across our state financial predictability. It requires investment from Albany – in ourselves. Our students deserve fairness and equality, and as a state senator, I will fight for a new direction to address college affordability.