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Who is Camryn D’Aloia, girlfriend of Dave Portnoy, biography, age, job and education

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Camryn D’Aloia, Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend

Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy made headlines Monday night during TNT’s coverage of the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics game.

Sitting next to him, 24-year-old Camryn D’Aloia was immediately recognized by admirers for her blonde, bombshell looks. Just after the broadcast returned from the commercial break, Portnoy and D’Aloia were seen chatting on camera; they sat directly behind commentators Stan Van Gundy and Brian Anderson.

Who is Camryn D’Aloia, girlfriend of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, biography, age, job and education

David Scott Portnoy is an American businessman and social media celebrity. He is best known for founding Bastrol Sporte, a sports and popular culture company. After clips of her encounter with Portnoy went viral, Camryn decided to make her Instagram account private, where she has around 2,000 followers. This was probably due to the attention the images received on social media.

While he is now going viral for talking to the beautiful blonde, fans are curious to know who his girlfriend is. The viral girl in the video is none other than his new love interest. Let’s see who Camryn D’Aloia is.

Who is Camryn D’Aloia?

Age 24 Camryn D’Aloia is the girlfriend of Bastrool Sports founder and owner Dave Portnoy. The two recently went viral while talking and smiling during an NBA game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.

The beautiful blonde was born in Massachusetts in 1998. She currently lives in Boston. She completed her education at Hopkinton High School in 2017. After high school, she continued her studies at Framingham State University, focusing on communication arts and business/corporate communications, graduating in 2021 with a degree in these disciplines.

She started as a part-time store supervisor at Yoghurt Beach in June 2015. She spent two years and four months at the organization as her first career advancement.

She was a social media intern at YAP Media. Despite being promoted to the role of Social Media Manager in September 2021, she left the company in June 2023 to pursue other opportunities.

The American started working last year in June 2023 as a Community Management Associate at Nutrafol, a hair growth products company.