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Whoever drafts Bronny James should expect him to spend a year in the G League

Bronny James will enter the NBA Draft this summer. However, he may not be ready for the NBA yet.

The son of future Hall-of-Famer LeBron James played just one season with the USC Trojans. His season was postponed due to a cardiac arrest incident in July, but he returned in December and averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 25 games, six of which he started.

LeBron has consistently expressed his desire to play with his son before he retires, but ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that is no longer a priority for James. Additionally, LeBron’s agent Rich Paul is reportedly prioritizing Bronny James’ development and would prefer to find a place where he can hone his skills.

So if a team drafts Bronny James, he will most likely be assigned to the G League.

“Rich Paul’s goal here in the pre-draft process for Bronny James is to see if there is the right development system or organization, a place that would certainly limit a young player like Bronny James, who didn’t play for five months after his heart attack. can reach. him in his season at USC,” Wojnarowski said. “If he fits in the draft, he would like to play in the G League next year.”

If a team ends up drafting James this summer, assigning him to the G League initially may ultimately be the right choice.

Wojnarowski also noted that since the Los Angeles Lakers are more likely to trade their first-round pick than use it on James, that reduces the chances of him and LeBron playing together, at least in Los Angeles.

But with James missing so much time, giving him a chance to develop instead of rushing him to the NBA might be the right call. He was unable to play or train for five months, which put him quite far behind last season.

This could lead to him dropping to a lower spot in the draft or possibly not being drafted at all. If so, he’ll head back into the NCAA transfer portal. If he is selected in the second round and joins a team that picks later, he may get more time to develop and play in the G League, after which he could be drafted into the NBA when he is ready.

Ultimately, the cardiac arrest incident caused James to fall behind quite a bit and could impact where he goes in the draft.

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