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Jazz Chisholm Jr.’s NSFW post to the referee before being sent off for arguing

It’s easy to understand the frustration in the Miami Marlins clubhouse. They have the worst record in the National League and the second worst in all of baseball. They have lost eight of their last ten games. And for Jazz Chisholm Jr. – once considered a potential star for the Marlins – is off to his worst offensive start since his rookie season.

So on Tuesday night, it appeared that home plate umpire Jansen Visconti was the unfair recipient of Chisholm’s frustration.

Chisholm hit in the seventh inning of Miami’s eventual 7-6 win and was called out for a strike on a slider that went into the infield corner. Chisholm was convinced that the field was in and informed Visconti. The broadcast also picked up everything Chisholm said after the strike call. (Warning: strong language)

As easy as it is to stack referees, Visconti actually handled the situation as well as any referee should. He realized Chisholm was frustrated with the way the game was going and let him vent about the call. But when Chisholm kept complaining from the dugout, that was it for him. Visconti ejected Chisholm at that point, and there are plenty of umpires who would have thrown out the Marlins outfielder before he even got back into the dugout.

Moreover, the strike call was correct. In fact, Visconti correctly called both boundary throws in the at bat.

Chisholm was wrong, and he probably realized it when he came back into the clubhouse.