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Triple H confirms women’s roster competing in WWE Speed

WWE has put together an exciting new concept of speed and suspense that showcases fast-paced action between WWE Superstars, known as WWE Speed ​​and streaming exclusively on X.

Following the conclusion of SmackDown last week, fans saw the coronation of the inaugural WWE Speed ​​Champion. As the highlight of the evening, Ricochet secured the title by defeating Johnny Gargano in the final showdown.

The introduction of this new concept and championship has created excitement among fans. The Speed ​​Championship offers fast-paced matches, possibly with three-minute periods.

Additionally, WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque stated in a recent interview on @XSpaces that the action on WWE Speed ​​would not be limited to the men’s side, but would eventually include the WWE women’s division as well.

Now that the male WWE superstars have shown incredible in-ring action at WWE Speed, it will be exciting to see the equally talented women deliver exceptional performances during the fast-paced, exciting show.

What are your thoughts on the WWE Women’s division being featured on WWE Speed ​​as mentioned by Triple H? Sound off in the comments!