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X-MEN ’97 Recap: “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 1” Features Some Great Cameos from the Marvel Universe

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Today’s episode of X Men ’97 kicked off the three-part finale of ‘Tolerance Is Extinction,’ and boy, this series really has wasted no time in establishing itself as the best adaptation of these characters yet, hasn’t it?

Our full recap of the episode can be found herebut as Bastion unleashes his Prime Sentinels across the world, we’re treated to some huge cameos.

The villain interacts with several villains, including Doctor Doom and Baron Zemo, two iconic comic book villains with ties to the Fantastic Four and Avengers. While they don’t necessarily support Bastion’s action, it seems like they want to be on the “good” side of history and won’t stop him from enslaving mutants with his human-robot hybrids.

Later we see the global impact of what happens and then Spider-Man enters the picture! The wall-crawler protects New York City and this definitely seems to be the version Spider-Man: The Animated Series (he doesn’t speak, which means Christopher Daniel Barnes isn’t around to reprise the role… yet).

Silver Samurai is also shown, as we next see Omega Red awaken in a Russian facility, likely setting the stage for him to play a role in Season 2 of X Men ’97.

It’s now clear that the show is set in a Marvel Universe full of other characters and if Marvel Studios were to choose to expand its animated offerings, we could quite easily see more characters like Peter Parker, either in his own revival, either in this one.

That has been confirmed X Men ’97 will get at least three seasons, but after the critical response to this first batch of episodes, we’d be shocked if they don’t want more (it’s getting harder to figure out why showrunner Beau DeMayo was let go before the premiere).

Either way, if “Tolerance Is Extinction – Part 1” is any indication, Marvel Studios will have a hard time reaching the top X Men ’97 with the upcoming live-action reboot and it would be wise to enlist this show’s creative team to bring these mutants back to theaters.

X Men ’97 returns to the iconic era of the 1990s where The to face the future.

Eight episodes of X Men ’97 are now streaming on Disney+ with new episodes coming weekly. You can take a closer look at some of those cameos below…