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Starfield’s May patch adds 60fps target for Series

Starfield’s May update – teased by Bethesa’s Todd Howard earlier this week – is now live for beta testing on PC, bringing the previously promised surface map overhaul, alongside a new 60fps target mode on Xbox Series shared a quick look at land vehicles coming to Starfield in a future update.

Full details of Starfield’s latest update can be found on Bethesda’s website, with some “major improvements” to the pesky surface maps leading the new additions. In an accompanying developer video, Bethesda said the goal of the overhaul is to introduce more “usefulness and detail” to maps, and that includes cities now being properly displayed with 3D maps and icons marking points of interest.

Additionally, Starfield’s scanner now places these icons directly on the environment, making it easier for players to find their way to a specific location.

Starfield: May Update Developer Video. Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere, the update introduces a range of detailed new gameplay options that allow players to configure Starfield to better suit their tastes. These include options to adjust the combat damage of enemies and players separately, to improve or reduce aim assist, to make ammunition weightless, to increase or decrease the effectiveness of healing items, to adjust cases where automatic saves are disabled activated, and more. Additionally, Bethesda is adding an “extreme” difficulty setting that is about the current “very hard”.

In terms of ship customization, players can now activate a “decorate” mode while aboard their ship. This works in a similar way to Starfield’s Outpost mode, allowing players to plop down everything from carpets and lamps to wall monitors and warning signs directly in first-person. To better accommodate the decorate mode, Bethesda is also introducing new clear habs for use when building ships.

And there is more; Starting with the May Starfield patch, New Game+ players will be able to respect their attributes and change their appearance as they progress through Unity, while Xbox Series X players will get new settings that allow them to prioritize between visual performance and quality. Starfield’s new performance setting targets 60 fps, and players using VRR screens can manually choose between VRR 40 fps and 60 fps.

Other new features include the ability to disable dialogue cameras so you don’t have to stare at a close-up of someone’s ugly mug when you feel like chatting, and there are UI tweaks for inventory and item management. Full patch notes are available on Bethesda’s website, and the update – officially known as 1.11.33 – will be available to all players once the Steam beta ends.

Bethesda concluded its latest developer video with a brief glimpse into the future of Starfield. In addition to talk of new quests – and the vaguest reference to the game’s Shattered Space expansion, which will be released this “fall” – Bethesda also gave a brief look at planetary land vehicles coming in a future update.

Todd Howard obviously downplayed the absence of land vehicles prior to Starfield’s launch last year, insisting that their absence was a conscious design decision that allowed the studio to “make it an experience where we know how quickly (players) see things. ” However, last December, Bethesda teased that there were “new ways to travel” on Starfield’s Horizon, and now here we are!