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I haven’t spoken to JK Rowling since the 2020 tweets

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe has not spoken to author JK Rowling since she expressed her opinion that transgender women are not women, the actor reveals in a new interview with the Atlantic Ocean, while disputing the idea of ​​him as an “ungrateful brat.” “Evidently Harry Potter wouldn’t have happened without (Rowling), so nothing in my life probably would have happened the way it has without that person. But that doesn’t mean you owe the things you truly believe to someone else for the rest of your life,” he says. Radcliffe publicly responded to Rowling’s comments in 2020, saying they erased “the identity and dignity of transgender people.”

He now says he tried to reassure those people “who were dealing with the feeling of being trapped or rejected by their family or living with a secret” and “found some comfort” in the Harry Potter story. “I worked with the Trevor Project (LGBTQ suicide prevention charity) for 12 years and it would have seemed like, I don’t know, cowardice to say nothing,” he says. Yet in the end it makes me very sad, because I look at the person I met, the times we met, and the books she wrote, and the world she created, and all of that is true to me. deeply empathetic,” says Radcliffe.

In response to a question from an to encourage them’. the transition of minors.” The Guardian Radcliffe’s comments are “the first published comments from any of the main cast in the Potter series since the publication of the Cass Review,” an independent review of gender identity services in England, which “found no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.” (See a “full overview” of the Rowling controversy here.)