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Xbox Series X/S storage expansion cards from WD and Seagate are currently discounted

For better or (mostly) for worse, the only way to fully increase the storage of an Xbox Series X/S is to use a custom expansion card. Three and a half years into the consoles’ life, only two official solutions remain: Seagate’s Storage Expansion Card and the WD Black C50. It’s a limiting situation, but if you’re tired of deleting and reinstalling games to create space, versions of each card are at least slightly cheaper than usual right now. The 1TB WD Black C50 retails for $125 from Amazon, while the 2TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card retails for $230 from Amazon and Best Buy.


This is less than $5 of the best price we’ve seen for WD’s Xbox storage card.

$125 at Amazon

The first is $5 more than the lowest price we’ve ever seen, but it’s still $25 off the card’s usual street price. We’ll note that Seagate’s 1TB model does have that technically declined as low as $90 a few times before, but those deals usually sell out extremely quickly; at the time of writing, that drive costs $140. The discount on the Seagate 2TB card, meanwhile, matches the best price we’ve tracked. That normally costs $250. Since WD doesn’t sell a 2TB card, it’s also the highest capacity option you can buy. Both discounts are the same as the prices we saw during Black Friday last year.

I repeat: these are not great prices in the context of the broader storage market. Sony lets you upgrade the PlayStation 5 with a much wider range of traditional M.2 SSDs, almost all of which are available for significantly less per gigabyte. For example, the top pick in our PS5 SSD buying guide currently costs $90 for 1TB or $158 for 2TB. This is despite the fact that consumer SSD prices have generally increased in recent months.

However, if you own a recent Xbox, you don’t have much choice. You can use a standard external drive for this store Series X/S games or backwards compatible titles from Xbox One and older consoles, but the only way to play Current generation games run via internal storage or one of these official cards. That said, the cards themselves are about as fast as that internal SSD, and setting them up is a breeze: you simply plug the little device into the Xbox’s expansion slot and you’re good to go. The sticker shock is the only major negative, but these discounts should ease the burden somewhat.

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