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Wayne County Properties: What Will Buy for $500,000 Today

For potential homebuyers keeping an eye on the real estate market in areas of Wayne County, here’s what sold for or under $500,000 between April 22 and April 28.

Below we provide an overview of the top three homes per area, carefully chosen for proximity to the desired price range and the largest living spaces.

Please note that the properties in the list below refer to sales of properties where the title was registered during the week of April 22, even if the property has been sold previously.

Wayne County

1. $500,000

Priced at $500,000, the single-family home at 7575 Horsemill Road offered another opportunity below its target price range when it changed hands in April. Built in 1971, this property offers 3,295 square feet of living space and sits on a 2-acre plot. The deal was completed on April 2.

2. $500K, 2 beds/4 baths

Built in 1990 and located at 18265 Blue Heron Pointe Drive, this condominium cost $500,000 (equivalent to $237 per square foot) and sold in March. The house covers 2,114 square meters of living space, with two bedrooms and four bathrooms. The property includes a plot of 1,702 square meters. The deal was completed on March 28.

1115 Dewey Street, Plymouth City

3. $500,000, 3 beds/2 baths

This single-family home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, underwent a transfer of ownership in April. The house, located at 1115 Dewey Street, spans 1,399 square feet and sold for $500,000, or $357 per square foot. The property sits on an 8,712 square meter lot and was originally built in 1941. The deal closed on April 4.

18972 Muirland Street, Detroit City

4. $490,000

In April, a detached house at 18972 Muirland Street changed hands. The property, which spans 2,586 square feet, was built in 1948 and sold for $490,000, which works out to $189 per square foot. The lot size is 6,970 square meters. The deal was completed on April 4.

5. $480,000

The detached house located at 340 Lothrop Road was optioned for $480,000 (which equates to $159 per square foot). This property has a living area of ​​3,013 square meters and was built in 1960. The plot covers more than 10,890 square meters. The deal was completed on April 2.

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