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Virgin Plus doesn’t need adorability to sell its mobile and internet

Virgin Plus is the obvious choice for affordable mobile internet and mobile internet – so obvious in fact that it doesn’t need the selling power of advertising styles to convince you. That’s the premise of Virgin Plus’ latest brand campaign, titled ‘Nothing More Convincing’, which offers a satirical lens on some of the most classic advertising styles on the books.

The campaign features three spots to highlight the affordability of Virgin Plus’ mobile and internet services. Featuring kittens dressed in rock star costumes and toupees, a blinding tinkling duo and ‘actor doctors’, this isn’t your typical telecom campaign.

Virgin Plus commissioned Zulu Alpha Kilo to create a new campaign to follow on from the ‘Everyone Knows’ campaign from the (obviously) platform launch in summer 2023. “Building on the success of the ‘Everyone Knows’ campaign is ‘ Nothing More Convincing’ a compelling sequel that fits seamlessly with our brands’ distinctive voice and identity,” said Devorah Lithwick, head of brand at Virgin Plus.

A complete 360 ​​campaign with OOH, radio, retail, digital display and social media. ‘Nothing More Convincing’ is an OLV campaign with multiple :15 and :06 spots and custom content for TikTok. The film is also available in five languages: English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hinglish, and uses the same spokespersons from the 2023 ‘Everyone Knows’ campaign for the Québec and Chinese markets: Québec comedian Antoine Vézina and host/influencer Patrick Chen, aka ‘Tarzan’.

“We love that the concept works with multiple tropes and shows the personality behind the brand. It strikes a balance between authenticity and humor, contributing to the upbeat tone of the brand,” said Jenny Glover, Chief Creative Officer of ZAK.

Zulu Alpha Kilo worked with agency partners LG2 to develop the French campaigns, and Dyversity on the Cantonese, Mandarin and Hinglish versions. The campaign will run across Canada this summer.