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House Republicans summon NPR CEO to hearing on ‘rampant’ bias allegations

At the direction of Chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA), Energy and Commerce Republicans are launching an investigation into allegations of rampant bias at NPR, which is funded by American taxpayers. Watch this exclusive Coverage in Fox News:

5.1.24 FOX.pngON FOX FIRST: The House Energy & Commerce Committee calls on the head of NPR before Congress to respond to allegations that the outlet has a left-wing bias despite receiving federal funds.

Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., directed House Republican leaders to open the investigation, he told Fox News Digital.

“The committee is concerned about the direction in which NPR might move under past and current leadership. As a taxpayer-funded public radio organization, NPR should focus on fair and objective news reporting that takes into account both the views of the larger American population. and not just a niche audience,” committee chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., wrote to NPR CEO Katherine Maher.

She led Morgan Griffith, R-Va., chairman of the subcommittee on oversight, and Bob Latta, R-Ohio, chairman of the communications and technology subcommittee, in asking Maher to testify publicly before Griffith’s panel next week.


Johnson told Fox News Digital about the investigation: “In light of the recent disturbing revelations about National Public Radio (NPR) and its leadership, I have directed Chairman McMorris Rodgers and the Energy and Commerce Committee to conduct an investigation into NPR and determine what actions should be taken to hold the organization accountable for its ideological bias and disregard for facts. The American people support a free press, but will not be forced to fund a left-wing political agenda with taxpayer dollars.

Conservatives have long accused NPR of reporting with a left-wing bias, even though some of its funding comes through federal grants and other government-backed dollars.

These concerns were recently heightened when former NPR editor Uri Berliner claimed in an op-ed that the outlet mishandled critical stories stemming from Hunter Biden’s hard drive and COVID-19 lab leak theories, among other things, and that registered Democrats were vastly overrepresented in the media. the newsroom, 87-0.

“We also find it troubling that NPR’s coverage of major news has become so polarized in recent years as to preclude any need to expose the truth. “While this includes news stories on matters of national security and importance, such as the Mueller report, the Hunter Biden laptop and the investigation into the origins of COVID-19, NPR has been accused of approaching its news reporting with a far-left lens,” the wrote legislators.

They also contradicted Maher’s own past statements, including a 2021 TED Talk in which she said, according to the letter, “Our reverence for the truth can be a distraction that hinders finding common ground and getting things done gets in the way.”

“You yourself have stated that you view the First Amendment as ‘the greatest challenge’ because speech protections make it ‘difficult’ to suppress ‘bad information’ and the ‘influence peddlers who have created a true market economy around it.’ Both you and NPR have used the same First Amendment to protect your own views and speech,” they wrote.

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