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Genius Group Adds Alan Turing AI Avatar to its C-Suite of Avatars as it Disrupts the Education Model

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Genius Group Limited (NYSE-A:GNS) CEO Roger Hamilton discusses the company’s innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education with Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion.

Genius group, an edtech company, is leading the way in integrating artificial intelligence to enhance lifelong learning. It has a platform that supports 6 million users ranging from children to adults in need of reskilling. The company’s unique AI, ‘Genie’, provides personalized learning paths by initially assessing users’ passions and guiding them accordingly.

Recently, Genius group expanded its AI capabilities by introducing multiple AI avatars of historical figures, such as Alan Turing, who has been named Chief AI officer. These AIs adopt the characteristics and knowledge of their historical counterparts to deliver customized educational content.

Hamilton highlighted Turing’s role in advancing the integration of AI into their platforms and shaping the future of education strategies. He also touched on future projects such as Genius Cities, which aim to combine local culture and advanced AI to foster environments that simultaneously promote human and technological growth.

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