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International educators comment on when school isn’t the right choice for teens’ mental well-being

OXFORD, England, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Depression among affluent teens is three times the U.S. national average, so if going to school seems like an impossible hurdle, or anxiety worsens, homeschooling with a private tutor can provide the supportive environment students need to get back on track , explains Tutors International. a world leading provider of private in-home tutoring.

One of the main problems students face in school is the overwhelming pressure for academic achievement and social conformity. These can lead to anxiety and worry, which in turn often leads to avoidance behavior, where students miss classes or refuse extracurricular activities, further isolating them from their peers and worsening their anxiety or depression.

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) runs from 13 to May 19, 2024.

How do schools deal with the mental health of students?

Especially in Britain and the US, student mental health is receiving much more attention than it did a generation ago.

In both the US and Britain, mental health staff are employed in schools to lead comprehensive wellness programs aimed at promoting good mental health, identifying and supporting students in need, and working with local mental health services .

But sometimes this is not enough.

Anxiety among affluent children is up to 30% higher than teens from other socioeconomic backgrounds, and 20% are diagnosed with clinically significant depression, three times the U.S. national average. Source

Depression and anxiety can affect all aspects of a child’s life, including sleep, nutrition, mental and physical health, and self-esteem. Students may withdraw, have difficulty establishing or maintaining relationships with peers and teachers, and lose interest in future plans or activities they previously enjoyed. Importantly, anxiety and depression can impair working memory, making it difficult for students to remember new information or recall previously learned material.

Homeschooling relieves the pressure on students

By providing a safe, controlled environment that is tailored to a student’s emotional and academic needs, homeschooling for a period of time can put a child back on a happier path. The personal attention from a homeschool teacher provides a more leisurely pace of learning and in ways that reduce stress and anxiety about academic performance.

If peer pressure or friendship groups are the cause of students’ problems, removing the social pressure that comes with school can help students focus on learning without fear of judgment or bullying.

Teachers International Education Manager, Nathaniel Hannanwho was a private tutor at Tutors International for many years, has extensive experience with mental health issues in teenagers:

“Several of my students have struggled with mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety. Homeschooling provides a nurturing environment that promotes their mental well-being, free from the disruptive influences of bullying and peer problems found in schools. Homeschooling provides the opportunity to emphasize the use of social media and status seeking, converging the factors that lead to depression and anxiety problems.”

Promoting positive social experiences

It is critical that homeschooled students still have opportunities for social interaction to develop and maintain social skills. Participating in extracurricular activities, community programs, or homeschool groups can provide this essential social experiences in a more controlled and supportive environment.

CEO and Founder of Tutors International, Adam caller:

“If you think for yourself about your own social interactions from school days, you may have one or two friends that you met at school now. Those long-term friends, those strong social interactions in your life probably came from things you have chosen to do for yourself: a sport, or a musical interest, or a subject you chose in college.”

“And so when we homeschool children, where we take them out of school, we take them away from all the negatives and give them access to a lot more of those positive social interactions.”

Teachers and schools must be prepared to identify and address anxiety and depression among students and provide appropriate support. Early intervention can prevent the long-term consequences of untreated mental health problems, highlighting the importance of awareness and proactive measures in both traditional and homeschooling settings.

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