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Benzino Says R. Kelly Deserves a Second Chance • Hollywood Unlocked

Benzino considers imprisoned singer R. Kelly and believes the disgraced entertainer deserves a second chance at life.

The hip-hop veteran was asked to share his thoughts on the controversial topic during his latest appearance on the “We In Miami Podcast.” Without holding back, Benzino said, “Everyone deserves a second chance. I know (Elvis Presley), a lot of mothers had sex with young girls.

Benzino further clarified, “I don’t like that,” before adding, “Again. The legal age is 16 years. Is it right for one… to do that?’ Benzino asked the room. The ladies at the table replied “No.” However, Benzino further noted, “But it’s legal in America. So why is R. Kelly taking all this time?”

‘Because you know why? They’re 13, 14, two years younger.’ In an attempt to make his point, Benzino pointed out that the lawmakers who approved the age limit knew that men may be under 16…

Despite this, Benzino once again made it clear that he is not here for that kind of behavior. ‘I don’t approve of little girls. It’s sick. But I also don’t think R. Kelly should rot in prison for thirty years.”

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More about R. Kelly:

As many know by now, R. Kelly’s fall from grace has been well documented as he faces numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. He has been involved in multiple lawsuits and has been convicted in two separate cases so far.

As previously reported, R. Kelly was found guilty of multiple charges, including racketeering, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation of a child, in July 2021 during his federal trial in New York. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his alleged crimes.

Singer R. Kelly was rightly sentenced to 20 years in prison for child sex convictions in Chicago, a federal appeals court ruled last Friday.

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