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6 K-Dramas With Badass Career-Girl as Female Lead

K-dramas have turned the world of television upside down by basically becoming the most popular TV shows when it comes to foreign shows. Sometimes they even break the ratings of many Western shows…

South Korean dramas cover almost every major genre, often mixing them into perfectly balanced but totally unexpected new sub-genres. However, they tend to give male characters more power than female characters.

However, there are still many series that focus on a tough female lead who is also a career woman making her way in the tough world of work. Here we have several shows that focus on the exact same premise.

1. Start-Up (2020)

Many female viewers mentioned that this K-drama really motivated them to pursue their dreams in the field they are currently working in. The story in this show is set in a fictional tech company called Sandbox Company.

The show focuses on both male and female main characters,…