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FACT CHECK: X Image does not show recent ambush by Palestinian resistance against Israeli soldiers

A viral image shared on X claims to show a recent ambush of Israeli soldiers by the Palestinian Resistance.

Verdict: false

The claim is incorrect. The image, taken by the AFP, shows Israeli soldiers completing a military operation in the Gaza Strip in December 2023 and was featured in an article by The Daily Sabah.

Checking facts:

Hamas is reportedly considering a proposed hostage release, which could free as many as 33 hostages, according to CNN. The news comes amid a pledge from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to launch an offensive in Rafah,” The Associated Press reported.

The X-image, which has been viewed more than 20,000 times, claims to show a recent ambush of Israeli soldiers by the Palestinian Resistance. “The Palestinian resistance used Israeli rockets that did not explode as a trap,” the image caption reads in part. “They ambushed and detonated an Israeli force, according to the resistance’s announcement recently,” the report continues. The image shows Israeli soldiers standing among the rubble as a nearby fire burns.

However, the claim is incorrect. Check Your Fact conducted a reverse image search and found the image from a December 2023 article published by the Daily Sabah. According to the caption of the image, it was taken by the AFP and shows Israeli soldiers during a military operation in the Gaza Strip on December 20, 2023.

Likewise, Check Your Fact has not found the image referenced in recent credible news reports about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. In fact, the opposite is true. On April 30, Misbar reported that the image is not recent and was originally captured by the AFP in December 2023. The image also appeared in a French-language article published by the Huffington Post, according to a screenshot included in the Misbar article. (RELATED: Does This Image Show a Pro-Palestine Flyer at the Columbia University Protest?)

Additionally, the image does not appear on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) website nor on its verified social media accounts.

Check Your Fact has contacted the IDF for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.