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Sukihana says she sells sex, not drugs, after her arrest | News

After being charged with possession and intent to distribute illegal substances, Sukihana discussed her arrest.

In an Instagram Live post on Monday (April 29), Sukihana took the time to shed light on her legal troubles with an expletive-laden rant.

“I don’t care what they said I had – I had nothing muthaf**kin,” she said, “I don’t need to sell f*cking drugs, b*tch, I’m already rich.”

She also noted that she does not use drugs and that the charges against her will eventually be dropped.

“I don’t do muthaf**kin’ drugs, and I don’t sell drugs. Like I said, I sell c**chie,” she declared. “My charges are being dropped.”

Thursday (April 25) was Sukihana arrested and charged in North Lauderdale, FL, with two felonies after being found with codeine and ecstasy.

The charges include possession of ecstasy and codeine with intent to sell, produce or supply, and possession of codeine with intent to sell, produce or supply.

In response to the arrest and the attention she has received, the ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Miami’ star currently sold T-shirts with her photo from the incident.

The merchandise is available for purchase on its website.