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Jack Dorsey initiative pours $21 million into Openstats

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made a staggering $21 million donation to OpenSats, a platform dedicated to funding the development of Bitcoin (BTC).

The nonprofit announced Dorsey’s donation in a May 4 blog post, indicating that the money would be used to strengthen resources available for open source projects, providing critical funding to innovators around the world.

Dorsey, who led Twitter (now known as

In addition to supporting open source projects, Dorsey’s contribution also includes earmarked funds for a legal defense for Bitcoin developers, reflecting the Square CEO’s continued support of the Bitcoin community and his belief in its potential to revolutionize in finance and technology.

OpenSats also stated that it is putting $15 million into its General Fund, $5 million into the Nostr Fund and $1 million into operating budgets.

The Community Chest is a pool of funds made up of donations from individuals and organizations used to support Bitcoin-related free and open source projects and contributors.

The Nostr Fund supports the development of Nostr, a decentralized social network that uses relays to send and receive messages. The platform has exploded in popularity and now has a whopping 16 million users, with half a million reportedly logging in every day.

OpenSats has a history of supporting various ideas to help expand the Bitcoin world and other open source projects. They have previously supported 21 teams such as BTCPay Server, which allows users to process payments on their own server, and the Bitcoin Policy Institute.

“If you are an open-source developer and need funding, please don’t hesitate to apply,” OpenSats emphasized in the blog post. The organization invites developers from all corners of the world to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting