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WOLF: Mother’s Day is approaching, a time for reflection and special memories

Okay, bring your eyes back here.

I know it’s hard to stop staring at the amazing photo that accompanies this piece.

From the dressy, gorgeous young me (I’m trying to get the word out about my nice choice of pants so I can keep using ‘sartorial gorgeous’ every year), to my elfin little sister and whatever she has on her feet, the obligatory standing ashtray , the sofa itself and everything else.

But for me the focus is always in the middle.

This is my mother.

Every year around Mother’s Day I like to share her story again.

She died in 1987, which means we’re approaching four decades of Mother’s Day without her. She was only 44 years old. Cancer.

Reshare: Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. There will never be a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. She was the most incredible woman I have ever met and the biggest influence on my life. Since I was still a kid when she got sick and died, I still struggle with the whole thing.

She lived for us, and clearly and unfairly didn’t get enough time for that. And even though I didn’t necessarily appreciate it enough as a child, that appreciation grows every day.

Luckily I will always have the memories.

The lessons she taught us will stay with us forever and formed the basis of what has been passed on to the grandchildren she never met, but whom I believe she sees every day.

If I could grant one wish, it would be for Mom to come back and hug her grandchildren, just once.

Now comes the annual part in which I ask about your own memories.

Sunday May 12 is Mother’s Day, so I’m curious about your favorite stories about your mother, grandmother or important role model.

Tell us why she’s special.

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The last time I was there I asked my sister Penny to get things started, and she did a great job. Again:

“I remember as a little girl watching her get ready to go to the policeman’s ball and thinking how beautiful she looked and how I wanted to have a dress and shoes like her when I grew up.

All the driving she did during all our activities, never missed a thing or complained – I now know how much work that is. I realized how much she taught me in the short time I had her – usually when I’m going to do something and I already know how to do it (like cook a turkey), it’s because she showed me. Her love for making the holidays special: reading The Night Before Christmas with my kids, as she did with us. Subtly following a lady around the mall a few years after mom died because she wore the same Tabu perfume as mom. That was tough. Her special name for me, which no one else called me. The list continues…”

I will never burst into tears reading that.

Mom was so proud of her and would burst now to see how great she has become.

So please let’s celebrate together and let these amazing women know how much they are loved and admired.

Send me an email (can be as long or short as you like) sharing your memories and thoughts. It’s always a bittersweet time of year for me, but reading all your memories always makes me smile.

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