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The President of Congress spoke out against the fiscal general, at the invitation of Gustavo Petro: “Muy grave”

And his social speeches, the President of the Congress Ernesto Macías has taken responsibility against the fiscal general, Luz Adriana Camargo – credit Colprensa

The latest statement of the fiscal general of the nation, Luz Adriana Camargo, who has accepted the invitation by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, who has part of a technical sector with the representatives of the Procuraduría and the Contraloría, luego if we have removed the corruption in the National Unidad for the Gestion del Riesgo de Desastres (Ungrd), there is a fuerte reaction to the social reasons; and especially Gobierno’s criticisms.

The titular researcher has made it clear that he has not compromised on the work in the budget in this case, that a few months ago he is an ex-official of the national government, through the statements of Sneyder Pinilla, ex-deputy director of the university for the university Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (Ungrd), the comments against your presentation at this reunion conference by the first mandate that you cannot read about the digital plataformas.

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Sneyder Pinilla, the man who today suffers torment in the interior of Gobier, because he won his life respecting the corruption in the Unidad for the Gestión del Riesgo – credit Ungrd

One of the people who is the President of the Congress of the Republic, Ernesto Macías, while a manifesto of the Democratic Center has appeared several times, which through the perfil of X (antes Twitter) is a manifesto against the citada mesa tecnica; but in particular the participation in Camargo is one of the masses. Now, with the dependence of the judicial official, the juicio is against Nicolás Petro Burgos, mayor of Jefe the Colombian Estonia.

With his risk in the red, Macías – who holds the high quality of the law in 2018 and 2019 and is the former president of Iván Duque Márquez – no confirmation that the image of the budget before this tip of the invitation to start is confirmed. It is an air force that provides assistance to the initiative to respect the principles of “autonomous and independence”, which become characteristic of one of the three areas of control.

“While the autonomy and independence of the budget play a role in the technique, with Gobierno, to do that. Muy grave. It is an obligation to depend on Gobierno, and to exploit abuse cases with public recursions”, indicated Macías. The ex-senator, who is at a distance from any of the opponents, continues his fight against Petro management and the controversial cases that arise.

With this publication, the President of the Congress Ernesto Macias has criticized the invitation to the fiscal general Luz Adriana Camargo for an American technology by the discharge of the ungrd – credit @ernestomaciast/X

With respect, because the fiscal general Camargo, in a communication of the prensa, increased the invitation of jefe de Estado, I think there are clearly people making sure the paper isn’t misinterpreted that the whole thing is completed in this mesa technology. Before anticipating the polemic, begin in general terms; on the medium list of names that are a conocer and which also includes Sandra Ortiz: notable consejera of the regions of Gobierno.

“The mechanism of recurrences, the natural complement to help, in any case no changes in the faculties that help the national government’s financial general to set prioritiesdefine the logic of the different lines of inquiry and assign mediocre identities to the judge, expressed as Camargo on his misiva, the way he acts, and the intervention of the Estonian Legal Agency in this rule of law.

“And this order, se advierte valiosa la iniciativa del Ejecutivo, because it compromises the independence and autonomy of labor from the general budget of the nationin the steps against corruption and in most cases that are competent”, and the tax title at least.

The fiscal general Luz Adriana Camargo expresses that the invitation to the American technology of Gobierno, in the case of corruption on the Ungrd, credit information Colombia