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BTS Fans Are Totally Disappointed With HYBE For The K-Drama ‘Begins Youth’

The desk behind it BTS, HYBEgets millions of critics from fans of the K-Pop boy group as the K-Drama titled ‘Youth begins‘ based on the lives of the members is not broadcast as many would like. Rather, instead of developing a series that entertains fans, according to ARMYs, it was created solely to gain the greatest possible financial benefit.

The K-drama, that premiered in April 2023, is not accepted by K-Pop fans despite being performed by great actors and telling a moving story. The reasons behind the reject this production receives there are several.

First of all, the excitement about the long-awaited film was wasted, as after its release it was no longer possible to watch it on popular streaming platforms such as Disney or Netflix, but only through Exclusive. In addition, for each episode watched, viewers must pay a fee of almost $10, both individually and promotionally, which would mean that if you watch the episode in its entirety, there would be an amount price of about $120.

For this reason, ARMYs are very disappointed that HYBE is realizing this production in this way, because it seems that this series is not for entertainment, but to lucrative system as many claim ‘Begins Youth’ is an NFT K-Drama. That is why many watch it through social networks such as TikTok, even if they have to watch β€œinto 5000 partsβ€œ, as one user said.