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Olympia Dog Fanciers Association – Sunday May 5, 2024

Show name: Association of Olympia Dog Lovers
Location: Elma, WA
Show date: Sunday May 5, 2024
Total number of registrations: 685
Best judge at show: Mr. Ken Murray
Show photographer(s):
Elaine Russell Rushton • Website:

Dog registration: GCHP Quality Mark Jolei Out Of This World (Dog)
Race: Shih Tzu
Handler: Luke Ehricht
Owner: L&D Ehricht & B Miller DVM
Breeder: L & D Ehricht

Reserve dog registration: GCHG Cloudpointe Ringside Gossip (dog)
Reserve variety: Norwegian Buhund
Reserve handler: Amie McLaughlin
Reserve owner: A McLaughlin & O Stensen

Sporty Judge’s name: Mr. Charles L. Olvis

Total number of registrations: 139
Dog registration: GCHB Flintcrest Five Star General CGC TKN (dog)
Race: Spaniel (Irish water)
Supervisor: Stacy Duncan
Owner: S Duncan & C Shelby
Breeder: C McDaniel & S Duncan
Dog registration: CH Golden Trip Easy Dreamer (dog)
Breed: Retriever (golden)
Owner: M&K Lovlie
Dog registration: GCH Boardwalk Here Comes The Sun TKI ATT VSWB (dog)
Breed: Lagotti
Handler: Tiffany Skinner
Owner: A Ross & A Killeen
Breeder: K Walters & L & M Amis
Dog Reg: GCHG Artic Sun whispering words by moonlight BCAT DJ CGCA TKN ATT FITB (dog)
Breed: Retriever (flat-coated)
Supervisor: Stephanie Johannesson
Owner: R Briganti, L Mihm-Kunz, R Neumann & S Johannesson
Breeder: L Mihm-Kunz

Dog Judge’s name: Mrs. Elizabeth Muthard

Total number of registrations:
Dog registration: GCHB Kocar’s sinner’s prayer (bitch)
Race: Bloodhound
Owner: N Barber & T Kocar
Dog registration: GCHG Kimanis Borne Genesis JC (female)
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Handler: Andy Linton
Owner: A Walls & A Hanna
Breeder: A Hanna, E Demopoulos & J Wilkinson.
Dog registration: CH Vin-Melcas Nimrod (dog)
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Handler: Alberto Montila
Owner: A Vance
Breeder: P & C Trotter
Dog registration: GCH Khivas Singular Sensation (female)
Breed: Saluki
Owner: V&B Hamilton
Breeder: V & B Hamilton

To work Judge’s name: Mrs. Faye Strauss

Total number of registrations: 114
Dog registration: GCHB Karnovandas Misty Night (Dog)
Race: Siberian husky
Handler: Julia Rylander
Owner: J Rylander, D Beckman, J Russell & S Hubbach
Dog Reg: GCHB Peace Rivers All You Mold Is Love (Dog)
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Handler: Julie Despot
Owner: J Despot & M Coburn
Breeder: J Despot & M Coburn
Dog Reg: GCHB Pilgrim N Icons Keep an eye on the cake (Bitch)
Breed: Bullmastiff
Handler: Rowan Baggenstos
Owner: J Roman & T Winston
Breeders: J Roman, T Winston, R Mckelvey & M Glover
Dog Registration: GCH Electron N Foxfires High Maintenance (female)
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Owner: L&D Peters & T Markey

Terrier Judge’s name: Mr. Charles L. Olvis

Total number of registrations: 71
Dog registration: GCHG Lotus Mic Drop (dog)
Race: Miniature Bull Terrier
Handler: Luke Baggenstos
Owner: R Briganti, S Johannesson & L & R Baggenstos
Dog registration: GCHB Verdants O What A Conundrum (dog)
Breed: Norwich Terrier
Owner: K McDonough & M Jensen
Breeder: L & M Martin, C Trexler & C Wai Chen
Dog registration: CH Kwic Uptown Green With Envy (dog)
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Owner: K Colby & D Valverde
Breeder: K Colby & D Valverde
Dog reg.: GCH Zoolos Buoy Tender (dog)
Breed: Parson Russell Terrier
Owner: J Toomey, K Rickard & D Smith
Breeder: J & D Smith & K Rickard

Toys Judge’s name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total registrations: 90
Dog registration: GCHP Quality Mark Jolei Out Of This World (Dog)
Race: Shih Tzu
Handler: Luke Ehricht
Owner: L&D Ehricht & B Miller DVM
Breeder: L & D Ehricht
Dog registration: GCHB Touche and InfinitiStars The Puppet Master (dog)
Breed: Japanese Chin
Handler: Luke Baggenstos
Owner: P Hill & J Martenson
Breeder: A Wolfson, A Bell & S Cotten
Regular dog: CH Lyon Ladys Autumn Blaze (female)
Breed: Chinese Crested
Handler: Sammie Lewis
Owner: S Lyon & S Lewis
Dog registration: CH Lynworth Timothy Momentum (dog)
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Owner: N Barber & T Kocar

Not sportive Judge’s name: Mrs. Denise Dean

Total number of registrations: 96
Dog registration: GCHB Ambriers Pinball Wizard CGC TKN (Dog)
Race: Tibetan Spaniel
Owner: D Dills & M Driskill
Breeder: M Cosby Driskill
Dog Reg: GCHS Treasure and Tramac Absolute in the Spotlite RI CGC (Dog)
Breed: Dalmatian
Handler: Crystal Beam
Owner: C Beam & J Meisch
Breeders: C Beams, M Callea & J Meisch
Dog Reg: GCH Diva Gigi Manhattan Jerseys It Girl (Bitch)
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Owner: J Tedesco
Breeder: Jacqueline Tedesco & Janice M Tilley
Dog registration: GCH Bristols The Devil Wears Prada (female)
Breed: Bulldog
Handler: Jay Serion
Owner: J Johnson & J Barry
Breeder: J Johnson & J Dayal

Hats Judge’s name: Mr. Charles L. Olvis

Total registrations: 99
Dog registration: GCHG Cloudpointe Ringside Gossip (dog)
Race: Norwegian Buhund
Handler: Amie McLaughlin
Owner: A McLaughlin & O Stensen
Dog Reg: CH Timeless Integrity with Taycin (female)
Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Owner: K Keller-Ross, C Taylor
Breeder: K Keller-Ross & C Taylor
Dog registration: Pemhill Uh Oh Spaghettio CGC (female)
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Owner: L Day
Dog Registration: GCHB Ban Gardien Des Chutes Du Chateau Rocher ACT1 CGC (Dog)
Breed: Beauceron
Supervisor: Shyanne Gates
Owner: S Gates
Breeder: J Law & K Davis

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