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Tapatío, eliminado y humillado por Atlante

The family of Guadalajara intends to follow the remontada, but the misión is a major complication.

Tapatío fue exhibition and elimination in the semifinals of Clausura 2024
©IMAGO7Tapatío fue exhibition and elimination in the semifinals of Clausura 2024

See the end of the sueño and the illusion of Tapatio refer to your second title Expansion League this Clausura 2024 is eliminated by an escandaloso of 8-1 in the global frontline Atlanta.

Leaving the rojiblanca is a second compromise in this series with one of the three consequences that the Potros de Hierro in the duel of Ida in the Akron StadiumBecause you need some of the perfection, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The players end up in the marcador with the wave of Ronaldo González; without embargo, 10 minutes after the children of Guadalajara restored the email with a golden one Alejandro Organista before closing the first time.

For the complementary part, the panorama is complicit in the tattoo, it is true that the Atlantic Ocean is the acceleration and superior with a lot of facilitation of the youth football players of the football, your ventilation is increased with anotations by Daniel Lajud and a hat-trick by Rafael Durán to use the final boxes.

The rojiblanco combination has secured a participation in this semester in the division of the Plata in general with 22 points and lead until the final of the final; sin embargo, no problem with Potros de Hierro’s experiments.

Gol del Atlante

Gol Tapatio

Segundo del Atlante

Tercero del Atlante

Cuarto del Atlante

Quinto del Atlante

What’s with the tapatio?

After the elimination of the disease in Clausura 2024, the factory rojiblanco has already received several years of research to later report on the premature events; With an embargo, some people may make the decision to start with the first equipment, but this decision belongs to Fernando Gago.

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