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Débora D’Amato shared her sadness about the death of César Luis Menotti: “Unique”

One of the most recognized coaches in the country and the world, César Luis Menotti, died this Sunday, as confirmed by the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The pain over the coach’s departure is global, with thousands expressing their grief and paying tribute to Menotti on the networks.

Among them, Débora D’Amato said goodbye to the coach. On her Instagram, the journalist said: “My soul hurts.”


Cesar Luis Menotti. A wise man of football and life who leaves an eternal legacy

‘There will be no one like you. Only. “My heart is broken into a thousand pieces, ‘Flaco’ beloved,” she continued.

And finally he closed with a thank you: “Thank you. Enjoying your friendship, affection and respect for years, until the last minute. I will never forget you in my life. I worship you”.

Personalities such as Sergio Lapegue expressed the same sentiments in the comments on Débora’s publication: “Big hug now.”

A follower sent a sweet message to D’Amato: “I’m sending you a big hug because I know how much love you had for him, it showed when you talked about him.”