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Phinsider question of the day: 18 game edition with poll

During the draft, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave an interview in which he indicated that the league (owners) want to move toward an 18-game season soon. This was followed by the predictable response from NFL players, both past and present. Years ago, the league floated the idea of ​​an 18-game season, which many dismissed as something that would never happen. Since then, the league has added one of two additional games to the regular season schedule, giving us 17 games per season. This is all part of the league’s (owners’) desire to make the NFL as much of a year-round sport as possible. Even the draft has become a three-day, over-the-top, fairly highly rated television event. I know I’ve been sucked in and have to watch large chunks of the draft every year.

So tonight’s question is: As a fan, do you want to see the season expanded to 18 games, or do you think there are already enough games or perhaps even too many? Assuming you are in favor of an extra game and the league forces the players and their union into one more regular season game, what concessions should the league make to the players and the union? Finally, do you think this will happen, or was Goodell just talking/throwing something at the wall to see how it would come out and what the reaction would be?

Give us your thoughts and answers in the comments below-

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Should the NFL Expand to 18 Regular Season Games?

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    Only if they give the players at least one extra bye week during the season.

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